Declaration on the prevention of violence

Center Safety Code (Say “No” to Violence)

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, a famous lawsuit in the United States was about a black father, Oliver Brown who filed a lawsuit in the US court in order to get his daughter to go to school located closer to home. “The purpose of education is to help children to pursue their happiness in the future, instead of cultivating a suitable screw for the society,” he said in the court.

                Children are the treasures of their parents. Being young and innocent, they are still exploring, getting ready to welcome the beauty of this world. Their childhood should be unforgettable and filled with happiness. Violent abuse should be banned. It is not allowed to physically harm a child who is still unable to protect himself. Therefore, we advocate that we will never stay silent to violence and will never tolerate with such cases as we understand that using violence against children will cause an indelible harm to their survival, health, mind or development. This childhood trauma will follow the child his whole life and that is why we will never tolerate with any action that is out of order.

                The mission of [YELAOSHR] is to create an environment full of sincerity, love and happiness, allowing your children to grow happily. Being responsible and supportive are what we hold on to. Therefore, building a comfortable environment for children to learn happily is our biggest hope and providing an absolutely safe environment is also our commitment to the parents. Violence is extremely dangerous for young children who are still unable to protect themselves (unable to express themselves clearly in terms of physical and mental). Due to this, we will never tolerate with violence. In order to prevent similar cases from happening, the management of [YELAOSHR] has extremely strict supervision and disciplinary measures.

                As an educator, our teachers will do their utmost. If there is child abuse case in the center, the headquarter of [YELAOSHR] will never ignore it and will definitely face the issue squarely. We will take action against the relevant guilty center or teacher right away by giving him severe warnings and measures (lodging police report for further investigation) as well as terminating all cooperative relationships (dismissal of the relevant educator or partnership). We vow to maintain the healthy growth of the children and provide them a happy and safe environment to learn.

If any parent or any person finds a center violating this code, please contact [YELAOSHR] headquarter at 016-322 7559.

*You can inform [YELAOSHR] headquarter about the occurrence, time, location and the people involved in the incident through the above number.

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