#01 – XiaoYe: Allowing children to learn and improve with the “High Impact Learning Cycle”!

Jeng jeng jeng jeng! If you are scrolling through Facebook or reading articles, look over here! There is treasure here! Nah nah nah, don’t you go and buy the case but return the pearl, enter a huge mountain full of treasure but leave empty handed! I am Yelaoshr’s ambassador – XiaoYe! In the future if you see me, it means good news for you, understand? You have to read on!

Nah, everybody knows that in Malaysia, we have many education centres, but when we talk about teaching children how to recognise words, pronunciation, reading, comprehension, writing…Hahahaha! Yelaoshr is definitely a first-choice for people! Why? Hmph, I knew you would ask why, XiaoYe would like to let you know a magic weapon! Once you know how to master the magic weapon, it can be used in you and you children’s life and learning process!

This magic weapon is called the “High Impact Learning Cycle”!

XiaoYe’s good friends Joe DeGutis and Michael Esterman (I know them but they do not know me) were researching at the Boston Attention and Learning Laboratory realised through brain imaging that: if you want to be focus and attentive for a long period of time, the best strategy is to – focus and be attentive for a period of time, rest for a short while and then refocus back!

小叶 高效能学习循环 - A

That is why at Yelaoshr, our children’s learning time (60-120 minutes, depending on the number of subjects) is separated into:

  1. Learning session: this is our specialised 1-to-1 teaching methods
  2. Recharging session: children can go to the “recharge zone” and choose their activity of interest such as reading picture books, playing puzzle games or just take a rest.
  3. Revision, strengthening session: children will use “lesser knowledge, more repetitions” technique to revise the things they have learnt just now, turning short-term memory into long-term memory.

小叶 高效能学习循环 - B

In these one to two hours, if children do not have time to relax and only study and learn, heh heh, actually that is not effective because a child’s attention cannot be maintained for such a long time. So what if you force him on the table to study? His soul may have flown to the park, YouTube, games… and then you noticed him being inattentive, and you will scold and hit him. He is innocent, okay?

Hence, at Yelaoshr we emphasised on: No “dead memorising and learning kind of passive learning” and allow them to have time to recover their attention. Another important point is: to teach them to fully understand not to just finish the syllabus. You teach to finish the syllabus; even if you make the child repeat all the words after you but at the end of the day he does not remember or recognise words, it is useless. Through the “High Impact Learning Cycle” form of learning, recharge and revision strengthening, we are ensuring that the children learnt all the words that we have taught, only then we will proceed to the next level of new syllabus.

小叶 高效能学习循环 - C

It’s the same for me, XiaoYe! After talking so much, I guess you have already lost your patience in reading? Alright, I shall leave them for the next time we meet to tell you what other aspects is Yelaoshr good at! Okay? You can test this learning method with your children at home!

90-minute 1-to-1 Guidance High Impact Learning Cycle

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