#03 XiaoYe: Is your child having a stable foundation in learning? Can they keep up with the progress?

Jeng jeng jeng jeng! XiaoYe is back again! When some people see me, it is like I have a nimbus right above my head. Why so? Because looking at me is like looking at a saviour! (I think it’s plain exaggeration from myself)

The real saviour is not me, XiaoYe but Yelaoshr! Yelaoshr is here to save who? We are here to save those children who are entering primary school but still have yet to build up a stable foundation in language! In the primary school setting, a teacher teaches a whole class of children, if children’s foundation is not strong enough, not only will they not understand in class, the teacher will not realise that they are having problems with language because it’s just too hard to take care of so many people. The teacher will then continue teaching to catch up to the timeline, who will care for your children? Who will help and save them? The answer is Yelaoshr!

Proudly presenting to you — [7-12 years old] Chinese and Malay Language Foundation Repair and Strengthening Class!

With a strong foundation in language, it is like a warrior fully armed for battle, when encountered with new knowledge, they are able to understand, analyse and absorb. Hence, Yelaoshr’s specialisation is its unique teaching materials, with the implementation of 1-to-1 teaching mechanism as this can be “targeted teaching for improvement” that cannot be done by teachers at school. In any weaker areas, we will teach specifically on those areas and not just teach every student the same thing. After all, every child has different needs, as what Confucius said “teaching in accordance with their aptitude” is what children truly needs! Apart from teaching, our teachers will also utilise different kinds of methods to regain children’s confidence and interest in learning due to having a poor foundation in language will cause children to lack interest in studying. Thus, classes at Yelaoshr implementing creative teaching methods will allow children to realise that learning is so much fun and so interesting!

In addition to Chinese language, the most important language in Malaysia is the Malay language, our national language! Many parents do not converse in Malay while at home so it takes a toll to learn Malay compared to Chinese. What can I do now? Come along, Yelaoshr can help you! Our strengthening class will start from the basics of Malay language such as pronunciation, reading and comprehension, strengthening children’s language skills in Malay. It does not matter if your children cannot master suku kata (syllable), perbendaharaan kata (vocabulary), ejaan (spelling), pemahaman (comprehension) or tatabahasa (grammar), we can teach them well!

Mini Ye was also once a child and I know even if I cannot catch up to other classmates, I may not show it as I will be afraid of the eyes and looks of other children, that they will look down on myself, laugh at myself. As time goes by, inferiority settles in and turns into hating this subject etc. Don’t be afraid, at Yelaoshr we conduct 1-to-1 teaching, children will not have any peer pressure and need not to be afraid of not catching up with the syllabus. Because at Yelaoshr, we take a child’s level as priority and that we will teach them until they understand then only will our teachers move on to another stage. In this way, parents will be assured and children will not be stressed.

If your children having an unstable language foundation? Come, take hold of Mini Ye’s hand and I will bring you to understand more!

*Be rest assured at Yelaoshr, children will be in a happy environment and see their own improvements! Start 2019 stably and return to a path of happy learning!

We having a special offer RM98 (4 lessons. Usual price is RM290) for our one-to-one Mandarin, Malay and English programmes as well as abacus mental arithmetic so that your child can experience the fun and unique learning at YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre. This offer is valid at all 60 centres nationwide.

More info: https://teacheryap.com/voucher/