#02 XiaoYe: 3-6 years old is the golden age for children to learn new words!

Actually, there is one thing that I, Mini Ye have been distressed about for a long time. Each and every time when Mini Ye tells everybody that Yelaoshr can help children of ages 3-12 to recognise and learn new words, many of them would have such a shocking reaction to “3 years old”? “Hey, you are exaggerating too much! How can 3-year olds recognise words?” Why does no one believe me? Why? WHY?

Experts say that 3-6 years old is the golden age for children to learn new words, and it is also a period of time where a person’s learning abilities are the fastest, memorising abilities are the strongest in a lifetime! Shocking? Do you know why?

Because at that period of time, children’s brains are like a blank hard disk so memorising things are not a burden to them but more of a physiological need. If you have a child at home, you will realise that they will often remember some things that are very detailed. For example, what shoes you wore yesterday, what did you ate the day before. To us, these are some very surprising details but to them these are naturally occurring! Hence, if we are to take hold of this golden period of time and equip them with the requirements of learning words (2500 words) throughout their primary school years then the amount of time they require to learn when they grow up will be shorter! This is what we call SMART!

Nah nah nah, there you go again! You are doubting me again, aren’t you? Aiya, you are unable to listen anymore… Let me grandly introduce to you – 3-8 years old Chinese, Malay and English Language Reading Brain Development Class!!!

Yelaoshr implements a revolutionary education method, allowing children to focus and recognise words in a relaxing manner, enabling them to read books earlier thus cultivating the interest in reading. When they approach primary 1, they would have learnt many words and going to school will not be stressful while they can catch up in school faster than others! This unique teaching method created by Teacher Yap can help children of this age easily grasp 1500 chinese characters and trilingual words, building up a strong foundation in language!

Lots of question marks in your brain? Okok, nevermind, if you have any questions do not hesitate to PM me, Mini Ye. I’ll answer you one by one when we meet again next time! A promise is a promise! It’s of no use for me to continue more, take a look at the learning environment at Yelaoshr’s classes!

We having a special offer RM98 (4 lessons. Usual price is RM290) for our one-to-one Mandarin, Malay and English programmes as well as abacus mental arithmetic so that your child can experience the fun and unique learning at YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre. This offer is valid at all 60 centres nationwide.

More info: https://teacheryap.com/voucher/