Children’s willingness to be taught is the best consolation for teachers

Fang Pei Yi, from Ipoh, has been teaching at the Setapak YelaoShr Learning Centre for the 3rd year and she is only 20 years old. If we calculate back, we get to estimate that she joined YelaoShr’s team of educators right after she graduated from her secondary school. Such a steadfast decision was made as she inspires to become a teacher since young.

“I love children. When I saw the information at YelaoShr’s Facebook page, I agree on the one-to-one teaching method because this can really help children to improve in their studies.” – Pei Yi

Pei Yi went on to the Taiping learning centre to apply for a job. Even though she passed the interview but she was arranged to undergo training and teaching at the Setapak learning centre due to having adequate staff force at Taiping. For Pei Yi, who had just graduated from secondary school, find it rather a hard situation to leave home and start a new life out of her comfort zone. Even so, she accepted the job and was willing to embark into the unknown future of teaching.

Teacher Yap YelaoShr Setapak Pei Yee

When she first arrived in the unfamiliar territories of Kuala Lumpur, there were times that were very lonely. Pei Yi is thankful to the centre’s person-in-charge, Alice for being caring towards her which enabled her to adapt easily in this different environment.

“Alice is nice to all the colleagues and I’m blessed to be able to meet such a great employer.” – Pei Yi
At Setapak, Pei Yi first went through training and became an assistant teacher for a week and subsequently upgrade to a teacher. Teaching for the first time in her life, Pei Yi began to realise that it was not as simple as she thought. Different circumstances will occur due to the fact that every student is one of a kind.

“When I first came here, the children are not familiar with me and did not really want to study. At this point of time, I was unable to teach and I could only find solutions one step at a time; to build a relationship with the children before anything is done.” – Pei Yi

Reminiscing about the past, there was an 11-year old boy that left a lasting impression on her. The boy was rather mischievous; he does not like to do his homework at school, nor does he sit still in the YelaoShr Learning Centre, running to other places and not wanting to learn and sometimes needed his mother to come and persuade with the teachers before he is willing to go back to his seat and attend classes. There was once, the boy did not want to study.

“At that moment I felt that was a failure. I was angry and sad and I could not contain my feelings and cried on my seat.” – Pei Yi

It is not sure if the boy felt guilty about it, or did he felt that Pei Yi truly cares about him but after that incident, he became more obedient, and start to cooperate with the teachers’ classes. In a few months, his heart is at the right place.

Teacher Yap YelaoShr Setapak Pei Yee DK

Children’s willingness to be taught is the best consolation for teachers

Entering Pei Yi’s 3rd year of teaching life at YelaoShr, there was not a moment of weariness towards her profession. However, there was more of an expectation to want to explore the endless possibilities that this job can bring.

“I hope that in the future, I would have the opportunity to work in the centre’s customer service position, and even open my own learning centre.” – Pei Yi

Pei Yi admits that she is a shy person and is one with few words. She understands that she needs to improve her communication skills so that she is competent for the position. Because of this, she would learn skills beyond the classroom from Alice to accumulate her experience and equip herself. This profession allows Pei Yi to be able to review herself from time to time and to have that opportunity to grow.

Pei Yee Teacher Yap YelaoShr Setapak DK
participate in training from time to time, continuously self-improve

In addition, the other aspect that continuously motivates Pei Yi to persevere is the gratitude she gets from the parents.

“Some parents will be extremely happy that their child is accepted for enrolment after the interview as their children are either bad at studies, or have ADHD or a bad temper. Seeing their happiness, I was able to feel that satisfaction as we can help the children as well as their parents.” – Pei Yi
We hope that in the future, Pei Yi’s dreams of opening a centre of her own will come true.

Teacher Yap YelaoShr Setapak DK Pei Yee
a team’s love and support for each other is the best fuel on this road of education

Teacher Yap: For a young woman to leave her hometown, it is not easy. However, this courage and determination is the best influence on the children. We encourage our children to jump out of the comfort zone, to accept challenges with boldness, and this is the attitude we should have in our lives.

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