To help a child’s studies is not by filling up more tuition classes, but to first know a child’s level and to teach in accordance with their ability.

There is a saying that goes, raise a child for 100 years, worry 99 of it. However, parents similarly also have stress and emotions. No matter how much you keep holding on, there will be much needed time to rest and relax. This article is for parents who relentlessly work hard to raise their children. Open up your heart to read Sg. Chua’s Yelaoshr Learning Centre’s business partner cum person-in-charge – Wendy’s story.

The first is about a mother of a seven-year old girl; a story about being in extreme stress when her child goes for exams.

Wendy revealed this mother is a working adult who comes home rather late from work. Due to her job, she can hardly find the time to revise with her daughter and because of this gets very worried about her daughter’s exam results. During a recent mid-term test, she confessed to Wendy that she does not have enough time to revise all of the chapters with her daughter, causing her to worry. This mother regards Wendy as a true friend, so they chatted via messages till 11pm late at night. Wendy does not see it as a trouble.

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“I usually treat the parents like my friends. Additionally, my daughter is also the same age as hers and they are both going through this mid-term exam. Hence she would tell me about these things as I understood how she felt.” – Wendy

Honest to speak, Wendy feels that this mother’s daughter does quite well in her exams. It is just that sometimes she will make some careless mistakes when answering the questions. Wendy comforted her; telling her that her daughter is doing better than average, and tried to convey a message on the attitude a parent should have.

“Exams are a part of a child’s learning process and the results are not important.” – Wendy

Wendy says, just like adults, there is no book that teaches us how to become mothers or teachers, we learn step by step. It is the same for exams. Children have to experience a few exams and they will begin to grasp a few exam answering techniques such as after finished answering they should recheck etc. Wendy also points out an important aspect, which is the parents’ emotion.

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“If parents show that they are overly nervous during their children’s exam period, children will indirectly feel that exams are very frightening, thus causing them to be stress. We should learn to let go in order for our children to grow. It is still something I have mentioned – the results are not everything.” – Wendy

After advice from Wendy, the mother was calmer. When her daughter’s results were revealed, indeed her child did well and the best subject – Bahasa Malaysia even got a 99.5%! There is still room for improvement due to careless mistakes, but after learning a lesson, she will definitely become better!

To fully understand children’s learning progression is one of the ways to supervise their studies. The other option is to encourage and trust in your child. This is another story Wendy wants to share with you.

December last year, a parent brought her seven-year-old to Wendy’s centre. After some tests, the child was determined to only have a five-year-old level in Bahasa Malaysia and a six-year-old level in Chinese. The learning centre was on holidays at the end of the year, so the child only started his classes in January the following year. Wendy said that the parent was very worried and helpless. For one, she knows her child’s language proficiency is not at par; secondly, she does not want to send her child for tuition at a young age of seven. Wendy then comforted the parent, telling her that Yelaoshr is different from tuition centres. We will let children learn in happiness, boosting their interest in reading and to build their foundation as a forefront direction.

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After listening to Wendy’s explanation about Yelaoshr’s teaching methods and concepts, she agreed and is assured to let her child learn at Yelaoshr. To build up and strengthen language foundation requires time and it the results cannot be reaped in a short time. The parent was not anxious in her child improving at top speed because she trusts Yelaoshr, but she trusts her child even more. After half a year of guidance, on the open day of Yelaoshr, Wendy reported the learning progress of her child and this parent gave lots of assurance and said that her child has learnt many words now and it very positive in wanting to learn more.

“In the past, she has bought a lot of reference books for her child but would never want to read them; now, the child would take the initiative to ask for reference books and exercises.” – Wendy

Currently, the child has progressed from suku kata to words in Yelaoshr’s Bahasa Malaysia class while in the Chinese language, he has completed the primary 1 syllabus and is moving forward to the primary 2 phase.

Wendy says that she understands that parents may be anxious about seeing the growth and improvement of their children and this is very normal. However, do not be frustrated; we need to have a positive and healthy attitude and method to guide the children and not be overly anxious which will affect the passion of a child towards learning. She also points out that some parent will blindly send their children to different tuition centres, filling up all the time. If a child has a weak foundation, tuition will not help.

“We need to find the root of the problem, accept it and solve it.” – Wendy

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