The heart of education; a childlike heart

Stepping into the workforce, I believe that every career has its own mission and social responsibility in addition to earning a living. All fellow principals and teachers at YelaoShr learning centres are dedicated to the education service. What urges them to have unconditional love and motivation to devote themselves to the children? Let’s look at Samantha’s life story, perhaps we will get to understand a thing or two.

Samantha was the chief editor for a children’s magazine. Even though she earns a substantially generous income, she came facing a bottleneck situation and thus had the entrepreneurship seed planted in her head. Starting off a business does not work when you say so, and the thoughts were just stowed away in her heart. Samantha left her job and took up a part-time job doing what she loves – baking while searching for another opportunity. She saw a recruitment advertisement by YelaoShr and came looking for a career as an educator. Little did she know this was the key to her entrepreneurship dreams.

Mdm Yap, the founder of YelaoShr learning centres herself interviewed Samantha. Throughout the interview, Samantha got to know that YelaoShr offers a channel to joined partnerships, and the only aspect prospect partners needed was to go through training programs.

“I know that to open an education centre not only requires communication with the children but also to meet up with the parents. These were some of the responsibilities I was involved in while being the chief editor, and with that, I believe I could do it.” – Samantha

From then onwards, Samantha went to teach at the YelaoShr Headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and at the same time accept training at work. The trainings are relevant to the teaching techniques and the management skills of the learning centre.

“A few months later, I was being arranged to be trained as a person-in-charge at Cheras. Thereafter, I set up my own learning centre in Alam Damai.” – Samantha

Right from the beginning till opening up her own centre, it only took Samantha less than a year to turn her dreams into reality.

YelaoShr Teacher Yap Alam Damai

A childlike heart, rekindling that first purpose

To Samantha, the most challenging part of this job is to communicate with the children. As time passes by, Samantha begins to find the innocent and honest conversations of the children which are the purest and most direct way of communication. Because after long periods in the field, sometimes it is easy to forget that childlike heart.

“Sometimes, communication is not just with words but feeling the growth and change in a child.” – Samantha

As the director of a learning centre, Samantha has some strict aura among the children and the children respect her. There was one six-year old child that Samantha always fetches home and most of the time the child would be silent throughout the car ride, as if he was scared of Samantha.

“One day, he suddenly started talking to me. We talked about the recent events, the movies that we watched at the cinemas etc. I felt that he was lowering down his guard and opening up to me, to which I asked instinctively if he likes YelaoShr Learning Centre? He replied that he is afraid of tuition, but loves to attend YelaoShr’s classes because the learning process here allows children to relax, to restore their best attention and that the goals set based on his progress makes it even more interesting. These words, coming from a child made me touched at that moment. It was as if I had recognition, and that recognition was sincerely from a child, which makes it even more precious.” – Samantha

Kids at Teacher Yap Alam Damai YelaoShr

Samantha has children of her own. Perhaps because of this she has the ability to converse deeper with the parents as their frequencies are similar and that they find responses to their heart.

“Because of this job, I can bring up my children while at work. I can accompany them personally in their growing years. This is the main reason I wanted to start my own YelaoShr Learning Centre.” – Samantha
She also notes that the education system and information at YelaoShr is very beneficial to her and her children.

To be able to encounter YelaoShr Learning Centre, this job has given her a mission, a sense of achievement and builds a business while being able to take good care of her family; Samantha is very honoured and blessed.

Teacher Yap: What are you working for? Not forgetting your first purpose, should be a self-reminder to all entrepreneurs. When your belief is right, then whatever you do will be right.

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