English Foundation Program

English Vocabulary and Phonics Programme

A tip for moms:
To develop a brilliant child, start with the ears, eyes, mouth and heart.

If you know Mandarin, can you guess a word that comprises the word ear (耳), eye (眼), mouth (口) and heart (心)?

Can you guess it? Yes, it is ‘‘ (intelligent)!

The Chinese word for ‘intelligent’ is composed of the word ‘ear’ at the left, two dots at the top that resemble the eyes, a mouth beneath the eyes and a heart. In other words, to develop one’s intelligence, one has to look attentively, listen carefully, and learn to articulate, write and think.

Formulated based on Cambridge English pronunciation teaching system, YelaoShr® English Vocabulary and Phonics Programme is a creative learning method that trains children to read, listen and recite in English.

The ‘heart’ refers to mental concentration; the ‘eye’ attentiveness; the ‘mouth’ recitation; the ‘hand’ writing and spelling; and the ‘brain’ thinking. This integrated learning method requires intensive concentration and helps learners to effectively retain and use the knowledge they have acquired.

Eye Training the ‘eye’ involves the use of eFlash cards to impress a large amount of images and text on the brain through the visual organ. This helps develop a child’s observation power.
Ears Training the ‘ears’ means children learn by listening to Cambridge Standard English pronunciation, thus honing their listening skill.
Mouth Training the ‘mouth’ means children learn to read with speed and recite repeatedly to acquire the correct pronunciation of English words and simple sentences.
Hand Training the ‘hand’ refers to young learners looking and pointing at each word and listening to their own reading as they go along. They will use this method to learn about 500 – 600 common English words.
Heart Training the ‘heart’ means developing children’s mental concentration so that the eyes, ears and mouth are used simultaneously to achieve optimum learning results!

Through this High 5 Learning Method™, YelaoShr® helps children to foster intensive concentration to optimize their learning performance.

When a child has mastered a certain level of English vocabulary and knows how to pronounce some common English words, he or she will then advance to targeted phonics training.

Phonics is the most popular method of learning English today. Specially designed for children, it uses fun and lively methods to help children learn English with multiple senses. The programme contains visual, auditory and tactile elements to impress on children the method of English phonetics and pronunciation.

In particular, not only does the programme develop children’s hearing sensitivity and help children to distinguish similar pronunciations, it also lays a solid foundation for English reading and writing. Young learners who have undergone phonics programmes show significant improvement in reading and dictation.

YelaoShr® English Vocabulary and Phonics programme is a proven-effective English language learning programme that helps children to learn the language based on their own individual learning pace. Your child should not miss this opportunity in his or her golden period of learning.