Chinese Language

Chinese Word Recognition & Reading Programme

YelaoShr®’s ‘Word Impression Method’ capitalizes on the separate functions of the left brain and right brain as well as the pictographic nature of Chinese words to help children recognize words. This method improves learning effectiveness significantly in terms of amount, speed and effectiveness, thus overcoming inadequacy, slowness and ineffectiveness associated with conventional methods.

Our right brain is best at expressive and creative tasks, transforming objects into images and storing them in the hippocampus. Its memory speed is 100 times faster and its storage capacity is one million times larger than that of the left brain.

Our teaching method fully harnesses the potential of the right brain to transform a large amount of Chinese words into images in a short span of time. The fun learning method enables the brain to recognize Chinese words like a camera taking photographs, thus making learning naturally easier.

Such method conforms to the child’s natural brain development. The younger the child, the faster he/she absorbs and the larger his/her vocabulary will become. The learning process also stimulates the connections between neurons, which in turn increases a child’s reading and comprehension abilities.

In addition, the simultaneous use of the left and right brain promotes better brain development and intelligence.


1. Simultaneous use of left and right brain
2. Teaching materials integrate with primary school syllabus
3. One-to-one coaching
4. Individualized learning based on a child’s ability
5. Fun and motivational approach
6. Learn without memorizing

Learning Process

Students are guided by teachers using flashcards to recognize and remember words. This process helps boost visualization and association, thus making learning fun and easy.

Systematic Teaching Materials

Students learn to recognize and read common words. Words are repeated in stories and accompanied by attractive and colourful illustrations as well as short and simple dialogues. All these features aim at arousing reading interest and elevating learning effectiveness.

All passages are connected to strengthen organization of ideas, improve comprehension through fun stories and cultivate reading habit.

Your child will be guided by a teacher to read a passage or story from start to finish, paving the way to reading independently.