Abakʊs™ Mental Arithmetic

Abakʊs™ Mental Arithmetic

What is Abakʊs™ Mental Arithmetic?


Abakʊs™ mental arithmetic is the knowledge and practice of arithmetic calculation using an imaginary abacus in the mind. By combining the principles of abacus calculation and the powers of visualization, all arithmetic calculations can be performed mentally with speed and accuracy, comparable with modern devices such as calculators.

A child who has been trained in abacus mental arithmetic is able to add, subtract, multiple or divide numbers swiftly without using pencil and paper.

  • Boosts intelligence
  • Strengthens memory
  • Stimulates thinking
  • Unleashes brainpower
  • Opens the mind

Normal Mental Arithmetic vs Abakʊs™ Mental Arithmetic


Normal Mental Arithmetic → Using LANGUAGE to visualize digit sequences spatially
Abacus Mental Arithmetic → Using ABACUS to visualize digit sequences spatially

Abakʊs™ Mental Arithmetic Harnesses Brainpower
Among children aged between 4 and 13 years, approximately one-sixth of them have stronger mental capacity for mind mapping, an advanced mental ability that captures and processes information in visual forms. When developed properly, most children are able to apply this ability, which boosts their brainpower and enhances their lifelong learning abilities.

Abakʊs™ Mental Arithmetic Boosts Cognitive Functions
Abakʊs™ mental arithmetic gives full play to the application of abacus calculation, observation and mental arithmetic, thus synchronizing left- and right-brain activities. With increased cognitive functions of the brain, learners acquire both mental and physical agility.

By observing, thinking, and moving the beads with the fingers, a learner stimulates and synchronizes the visual, speech and motor cortices.

By listening, thinking and moving the beads with the fingers, a learner stimulates and synchronizes the auditory, speech and motor cortices.

Benefits of Abakʊs™ Mental Arithmetic


1. Using both hands to move the beads helps achieve the balanced development between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
2. Using the eyes, ears, hands, mouth, and mind simultaneously promotes concentration, memory, observation, imagination and thinking.
3. Promotes mental agility, focus and concentration.
4. Increases calculation speed

The Best Age to Learn Abakʊs™ Mental Arithmetic

The programme is most suitable for children aged between 3 and 12 years. If you wish to improve your child’s concentration, memory and calculation skills, enroll him/her now to unleash your little one’s full potential!