1. What does Yelaoshr teach?


Yelaoshr is no ordinary tuition centre. We are a creative learning centre that is recognised by the Ministry of Education. We specialised in 1-to-1 creative teaching and based on the children’s learning standards, we tailor made a learning solution that is most suitable for each child’s learning progress. Under 1-to-1 guidance and teaching, we help children ages 3-12 years old to master recognising words of three primary languages (Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, English) and cultivate reading and comprehensive abilities to allow children to look and read, listen and write, learning independently, loving to learn and making learning an interesting and zero-stress activity.

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2. What are your contact numbers?


To protect our children’s safety, to maintain a conducive learning environment and to ensure that teaching qualities are tip-top, our centre does not provide phone numbers and do not open up for public visitations and also decline all direct visits without prior appointments. If you are keen to know about our coursework and other information, we welcome you to first choose the centre that you want to visit to make an appointment and bring your child along on that day. We will provide you with complete and holistic information along with explanations. Make your appointment with your nearest Yelaoshr branch with the link below:

3. Is it a MUST to have an appointment before proceeding to the centre?


Due to the fact that on working hours our teachers are mostly conducting classes, we would request all parents to make an appointment with the link below: so that we can provide you with more accurate and more complete explanations. At the same time, we can provide you with the best hospitality (Because besides visiting, we need to provide you with detailed explanations and understand your child’s needs). Branch centre’s teacher’s will receive your information for an appointment and contact you further to reconfirm your appointment date and time.

*Please make sure you attend with your children, as we will run a test to know which course is best suited to your children.

4. My child is currently xx years old, what class is suitable?


Yelaoshr is equipped with many diversified curriculums, we recommend parents to first purchase the RM98 Learning Voucher to allow your child to experience 2 lessons at Yelaoshr. After your child settles down and acclimates to the environment, teachers will be able to have greater understanding about your child through observations, then will we provide parents with suitable learning solutions.

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5. Abacus VS HOTsMATHS Higher Order Thinking Skills?


i. Abacus Course focused on cultivating children’s: – Calculus/computational power, – Agility of concentration and thinking

ii. While HOTSMATHS focused on cultivating children’s higher order thinking skills which includes: thinking ability, logical analysis ability, innovation & creativity, judgment, etc. Through long-term training, children can have the ability to use their knowledge and thinking skills to conduct judgments and analysis in the face of problems (both in class and in life), propose solutions and methods, and deal with problems and challenges positively and actively.

*Children who wants to enrol in the HOTsMATHS Course should be equipped with basic calculus.

6. What are the times for classes…?


Due to the fact that the number of students in every centre is different, hence the timetables also vary. Standard class times (4 class sessions per day, choose 1). After consultation and tests, the person-in-charge of the centre will suggest how many classes per week). The timetable above are for reference only.

7. What are your fees?


Yelaoshr’s monthly fees range from RM290 ~ RM450 which are based on the children’s learning ability and standards (accurate fees will be decided during professional consultation where children will be given a simple test for evaluation so that a proper charging plan be given as it is also based on the children’s situation to determine the number of days for classes).

*Single-parent families or families with economic difficulties can apply for the financial aid from our centre’s person-in-charge.

8. How to apply for financial aid?


Firstly, you will need to make an appointment to discuss with the centre’s person-in-charge. After some discussion if there’s a need for financial aid, the centre will assist you in applications and let you know the relevant documents that are needed for preparation.

9. Where are your centres located?


There are over 60 branches of Yelaoshr all over Malaysia. Click on the link below to look at the complete list of centres with their full addresses:

10. Does Yelaoshr provide transportation services?


Currently, Yelaoshr does not provide transportation services, but our centre can suggest or advise by different case (provide 3rd party contact so that parents can arrange transportation with them directly)

We’re having a special offer RM98 (4 lessons. Usual price is RM290) for our one-to-one Mandarin, Malay and English programmes as well as abacus mental arithmetic so that your child can experience the fun and unique learning at YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre. This offer is valid at all 60 centres nationwide.

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