Parents’ full trust is the strength that drives teachers to teach wholeheartedly.

In the working environment at Yelaoshr, it does not matter if you are the person-in-charge or a teacher, everyone works in a delightful vibe. Employers and employees work together and help each other. Lui worked at the Bandar Kinrara Yelaoshr branch for approximately a year and a half. Today, she is the person-in-charge for the learning centre. As you can see, Yelaoshr offers many opportunities for teachers to learn.

Lui has been in the education industry for about eight years. Before, she had been working at kindergartens, childcare and tuition classes etc. These experiences are enough to prove her ability in teaching and she clearly sees the unique point of Yelaoshr.

Teacher Yap Bandar Kinrara Lui 葉老師
From left:Yelaoshr’s creator – Carol Yap、Lui

Lui has been in the education industry for about eight years. Before, she had been working at kindergartens, childcare and tuition classes etc. These experiences are enough to prove her ability in teaching and she clearly sees the unique point of Yelaoshr.

Lui originally opened a kindergarten with her business partner. However, she quitted due to communication and health problems. At this point of time, she heard from her students, parents and primary school friends alike unanimously recommended Yelaoshr to her while being unemployed.

She said, “Prior to this, I only know that Yelaoshr uses flash cards in their teaching and nothing else. However, all of them said that Yelaoshr is great and with their recommendations, I came forward for an interview.”

When she first joined the team, Lui was already happy with her job at Yelaoshr.

“The person-in-charge was recognised my abilities and within a month I was already tasked with meeting the parents. this made me felt that she really taught me unconditionally.” – Lui

In less than a year, Lui promoted to become the centre’s supervisor. Lui had once doubted if she can handle it but words from her boss made sense to her, which was, “You can learn and apply at the same time, I will not wait for you to know everything to let you handle it.” For this trust, Lui is utterly grateful.

From right-hand side :Lui’s  supervisor —— Ms Yan.

Besides being highly favoured by her boss, Lui stated that the workload at Yelaoshr is not as heavy as other education centres.

“Here, I do not need to prepare for classes as the materials are fully prepared and facilities equipped. I only need to read through once 10 minutes before classes commence.” – Lui

Even though Yelaoshr implements a one-to-one learning system, after Lui promoted to being supervisor, she trains her teachers, shared materials for half an hour before work began every single day. At the weekly meeting, she allows teachers to share their experiences, challenges and problems faced in the process of teaching.

“I believe that through activities like these, our teachers can be united and improve through learning from each other. I may be a supervisor but I do not see myself better than others because my fellow teachers and I are working together to serve the next generation.” – Lui

Parents’ trust is like a powerful fortress.

“Previously, children are very afraid of me as I am very strict.” – Lui

Lui laughed it off as sometimes she was too nervous about the children’s learning progress and may have scolded the children. Since the parents have placed their children in their care, Lui felt that she has the obligation to teach them well. However, Lui started to hear some parents say that a few children do not like to attend Yelaoshr. She quickly reflected upon herself, should she adjust her teaching methods? She came to realise that trust should be built in her relationship with the children. Using encouraging methods not only can it bring the children’s heart closer to hers, but it can also motivate them to learn more. Hence, she changed her teaching style so that children will be more teachable.

Lui Teacher Yap Bandar Kinrara

Lui obtained a sense of achievement with Yelaoshr. In addition to seeing the children improve, she also gained the trust of the parents.

“There was a six-year-old, and when he came in he could not even pronounce suku kata. His parents sent him here with a mentality to just give a shot to see if he can improve. At the end, when the child was also to slowly read out words at home, his mother thanked profusely.” – Lui

There is still something more behind this story. This child initially did not like Lui to teach him but his parents say that they should not accommodate their child to change another teacher and insisted that Lui teach their son. This made Lui felt warmth because this is the greatest support to her from parents.

There is another seven-year-old girl who was also ‘picky’ about the teachers when she attended classes. Lui reminisced that this girl is more emotional. She will throw a tantrum when she meets a teacher she does not like. Luckily when I reflected this situation to her parents, they are both very reasonable and let us teach according to our methods, not allowing her to choose whichever teacher she wants. When encountered with children who are not very cooperative, on top of their poor language foundation, teachers need to be even more patient so that they can accept the teachers and learn.

Lui said, “Initially, she was resistant towards the Malay language. She could only read out two sounds made of suku kata and was unable to do more than that. She got a 70 mark in her Bahasa Malaysia later, something that her family never think of and slowly but surely she started to love the language.”

The children’s improvement resulted in the parents’ faith in Yelaoshr, complimenting Yelaoshr as a good learning ground.

Teacher Yap Teacher Yap Bandar Kinrara Lui Bandar Kinrara

To Lui, children are just like small tiny seedlings. Teachers are responsible to take care of these seedlings and not ruin their great future.

“Meeting parents and recruiting students should not be done based on income and sales but it is to put in every effort to teach every child that comes. With this sort of attitude at work, it made me indefinitely happy.” – Lui

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