Aged 4-6 Kidoland® Kindy

Kidoland® Intellingent Kindy (1:1 Coaching)

Kids learn by doing all the wonderful things in this wonderland

Kidoland® aspires to be a preschool learning centre unlike traditional kindergartens. We help children build their trilingual foundation and develop the full potential of their brains during this golden period, giving them a head start on the journey of self-directed learning.

The preschool years are the most important learning period in a child’s life. Optimizing children’s learning ability during this golden period helps ensure that they are able to adapt and learn a variety of knowledge in different settings.

Thus, the key to do so lies in the balanced development of their left and right brain. At Kidoland®, our programmes help children develop their cognitive abilities according to their individual pace.

kidolandProgramme Features

♦ Stimulates left and right brain development through fun and interactive activities.
♦ Develops children’s concentration, observation and hand-eye coordination
♦ Nurtures a sense of responsibility and confidence
♦ Nurtures imagination and creativity

Kidoland® ≠ Traditional kindergarten

Kidoland® ≠ International kindergarten

Kidoland® ≠ One-to-one language learning centre

Kidoland® = Traditional kindergarten + International kindergarten + One-to-one language learning centre

Our Preschool Programmes Include:

  1. One-to-One Chinese Literacy Learning Programme (Hanban HSK)* uses storytelling flashcards to help children recognize Chinese words and develop their concentration and memory power. Not only does this help lay the foundation to reading, it also unlocks their right brain development.
  2. One-to-one Cambridge UK English Learning Programme* is delivered fully in English to create an English-speaking environment for young children and nurture their interest in the language. The programme also includes fun games to make learning English easy and enjoyable.
  3. One-to-one Malay Language Learning Programme* helps young children master Malay syllables (suku kata) and Malay words before they enter primary school.
  4. Abacus Mental Arithmetic Programme trains young children to use the eyes, ears, hands, mouth and mind simultaneously to achieve whole brain development.
  5. Brain Gym® is a programme based on educational kinesiology that uses simple, natural movements and exercises to stimulate brain activity, thus keeping the mind engaged with the aim of achieving optimal learning in children.
  6. Double Doodle stimulates imagination in children using visual art and games. Children use both hands to doodle, which enhances their spatial awareness and depth perception as well as concentration and mental focus.

*Kidoland® is now offered in YelaoShr Sri Petaling. 5 days per week, morning, afternoon and all-day sessions are available. Registration is now open. Limited to 30 children only.  Only limited seats available, register now to avoid disappointment. Book an appointment now for a free parenting consultation at .