Aged 4-12 YelaoShr Junior Educare®

YelaoShr Junior Educare® with Intensive Language Class for Children

Yelaoshr HOTS Junior Educare® develops lifelong learning and thinking abilities in children.

3 – 6 years old
Yelaoshr HOTS Junior Educare® centre offers an environment conducive to effective learning so that children can learn happily in the morning while their parents are at work. In addition to learning HOTS, children learn to manage themselves independently, an essential skill that they need to acquire when they enter primary school. (Half-day and full-day options are available.)

7 – 12 years old
After school, children come to Yelaoshr HOTS Junior Educare® centre to rest and learn in a stress-free environment. We offer one-to-one guidance to boost learning effectiveness and strengthen their foundation so that they can progress according to their age groups. With a strong foundation, learning becomes easy so much so that children need not attend stressful tuition classes and can spend more time with parents during weekends.


Core Teaching Methods

Student-centred Learning
Our teachers not only impart knowledge, but also guide, motivate, encourage, affirm and support children so that they are able to learn according to their personalities, pace and potential to achieve optimum learning results.

Hands-on Learning
Hands-on learning can improve learning as it transforms abstract ideas into something more concrete, vivid and profound for children. Learning by doing is the best learning method because as children move their hands and fingers, the movements stimulate the connections between neurons in the brain, which in turn increase children’s learning abilities.

Brain-based Learning

叶老师 Junior Educare 儿童托育 教学模式


Brain-based learning is rooted in the fact that learning can be accelerated and improved if educators teach based on the scientific knowledge of how the brain works rather than on common practices that are now deemed rigid, repetitive and emphasize on rote memorization. These traditional methods bombard the bra

in until it resents learning, withdraws from it, and even suppresses it until the brain shuts out learning. On the contrary, brain-based learning employs teaching methods, curriculums, classroom practices and timetables developed based on brain research and neuroscience to achieve optimum learning outcomes.

“Only when a student does not spend all the time in study, and is given a lot of time to dispose freely, can he learn successfully. This is the logic of education.” ― Russian educationist Sukhomlinsky

Objectives and Goals

We aim to create a space that promotes autonomous learning and High Order Thinking Skills so that children will be able to:

  • Self-manage their homework
  • Master trilingual and numerical literacy
  • Improve thinking skills not taught in schools
  • Develop personal qualities

“Do not change a child’s spiritual world to mere knowledge learning. If we strive to make a child concentrate all his spiritual strength on lessons, the child’s life will become unbearable. He is not just a student, but foremost a person who has many interests, needs and desires.” ― Russian educationist Sukhomlinsky

“Only education that stimulates students to self-educate is the real education.” ― Russian educationist Sukhomlinsky

“Where parents do too much for their children, the children will not do much for themselves.” — Elbert Hubbard, Writer

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” — William Butler Yeats, Poet

叶老师 儿童托育 教学团队 Junior Educare Teachers