Aged 5-8 YelaoShr Junior Educare®

YelaoShr Junior Educare® with Intensive Language Class for Children Aged 5 – 8 years

YelaoShr Junior Educare® with Intensive Language Class caters for preschool or schooling children who have not possessed their age-appropriate foundations. As most parents these days are working parents, children are sent to after-school care centres. This inevitably reduces their time at YelaoShr learning centres, thus causing a wider gap between their expected literacy level and age.

YelaoShr Junior Educare® ensures that children are able to receive one-to-one guidance after school so that they can catch up in their learning. This way, they can enjoy family activities and quality time with their parents on weekends and need not get bogged down by tuition classes.

Programme Features:

♥ One-to-one coaching on Malay and Chinese
♥ Cultivates the habit of completing their homework independently
♥ Cultivates self-initiated revision for ejaan, spelling and ting xie
♥ Cultivates important habits like neatness
♥ Cultivates learning interest in Malay and Chinese

Common Daycare

♠ Students of the same age with different learning abilities are placed in the same group
♠ Tuition-oriented as students complete exercise questions  based on teacher’s instructions
♠ Children rely on teacher to revise ejaan, spelling and ting xie
♠ Children rely on teacher’s supervision to complete their homework

YelaoShr Educare

♣ One-to-one coaching based on a child’s learning pace
♣ Develops independence in solving exercise questions
♣ Develops the habit of revising ejaan, spelling and ting xie
♣ Develops the habit of completing homework within designated time

 “Only when a student does not spend all the time in study, and is given a lot of time to dispose freely, can he learn successfully. This is the logic of education.” ― Russian educationist Sukhomlinsky

“Do not change a child’s spiritual world to mere knowledge learning. If we strive to make a child concentrate all his spiritual strength on lessons, the child’s life will become unbearable. He is not just a student, but foremost a person who has many interests, needs and desires.” ― Russian educationist Sukhomlinsky

“Only education that stimulates students to self-educate is the real education.” ― Russian educationist Sukhomlinsky

“Where parents do too much for their children, the children will not do much for themselves.” — Elbert Hubbard, Writer

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” — William Butler Yeats, Poet

FAQs about Junior Educare™

A1: Maths and science as well as other subjects are taught in Chinese in schools. When children improve on their vocabulary, their comprehension and understanding on these subjects will also improve naturally. As long as they revise the lessons taught on the day after school, their learning will become more effective.
A2: Learning Hanyu Pinyin is not learning to recognize words but recording pronunciation. Using Hanyu Pinyin to improve literacy and reading is often frustrating and may result in children shunning reading all together. At Yelaoshr Junior Educare™, during year-end school holidays, we give children basic essay writing exercises (such as fill-in-the-blanks, sentence rearrangement, sentence making, etc.). The prerequisite to essay writing is adequate vocabulary. Children will be afraid of essay writing and dislike it if they have limited vocabulary. A child who has not mastered sentence making will have a tough time writing a complete essay.
A3: Yelaoshr Junior Educare™ is a one-to-one learning programme. Therefore, your child will need to sit for one-to-one learning lessons despite having more homework on some days. The remaining time will be used for doing homework that requires in-depth thinking and guidance from teacher (such as exercises and assignments). Simple homework (like tulisan) can be completed at home.
A4: Yelaoshr Junior Educare™ focuses on one-to-one learning. After one-to-one learning session, children will be allowed to revise independently or complete supplementary exercises given by their school teachers. Parents can buy supplementary exercises as exam preparation for their children to revise independently during free time.
A5: Yelaoshr Junior Educare™, our teachers will arrange extra activities (like essay writing class, science experiment class, one-day trip, abacus arithmetic competition, etc.) for children during school holidays. These fun and interactive activities help stimulate learning interest.