Online One-on-One Coaching FAQ

When the Movement Control Order (MCO) was promulgated at 10 p.m. on 16 March,  every teacher from Yelaoshr Group was determined to turn the 24 hours on 17 March into 8,000 hours. Over 350 Yelaoshr teachers in Malaysia resolve to accept this challenge in unison, without complaints and incrimination. We focus resolutely to carry out what should and could be done.


COVID-19 YELAOSHR 叶老师 教育工作者对抗疫情线上教学 ZOOM

Despite the pressing 24 hours they had, leaders and partners of all regions managed to initiate the actions as below: 

  1. Activate the online teaching 
  2. Confirm the operating procedures and put in practice
  3. Contact and provide necessary coaching to parents on the best available online learning platform  
  4. Arrange the lesson timetable

ZOOM线上教学软件 COVID-19 YELAOSHR 叶老师 教育工作者对抗疫情线上教学

18 March 2020, the FIRST day we officially started the online teaching. We appreciate the cooperation rendered by parents. With such relentless support, we have shown our children alongside parents, the role model to overcome great challenges and have an unstoppable drive to always learn.  

We have seen our children starting to settle with the online learning experience. Their words are enriched with innocence, their willingness to try is one of the greatest motivations for us to move on and stand against all the challenges. 

Centre Managers have been contacting hundreds of parents since the first day when MCO was implemented, working around the clock only to make sure the execution of the online learning will be a success. We understand parents’ hesitation on the online teaching model, particularly to the parents who are new to the concept. We also understand that our unanticipated move into online teaching model has unavoidably caused worries among some parents and uneasiness in children. Nevertheless, we are continuously imploring and improving on the system as we commit to provide nothing but the best to our children. 

We are grateful for parents who have become our pillar of strength during this critical time. Parents have been accommodating to our requests and dispensing positive feedback and assurance. This is an extraordinary empowerment to our team to march on. We believe we can pull this through, together.

Despite challenging situation out there, it never Stop this group of teachers continue coaching the kids. I never thought virtual meeting can be used in children daycare like YELAOSHR. To all the teachers out there you are doing the best for kids.
– Parent from YELAOSHR Setia Alam

Teacher is sooo very good. Your teaching is wonderful…thank you very much. We do not regret choosing YELAOSHR..I no longer wonder why my son knows so much.
– Parent from YELAOSHR Setia Alam

Even though my boy was shy at first he managed to do his class because the teachers were patient and made him feel safe and comfortable. I so admire the dedication, patience and perseverance of all teachers at YELAOSHR.
– Parent from YELAOSHR Ipoh Pinji Seni

It is definitely a very proactive step from YELAOSHR! It was a fast move which I’m very impressed that it was setup in such a short time after the announcement. It creates a great sense of responsibility by YELAOSHR that despite the movement lockdown, the centre still cares about the child development. And ensuring that the child does not lose touch with the studies. One to one basis is still practised thus ensuring the child is fully monitored for his studies.
– Parent from YELAOSHR Bukit Tinggi


*General concerns of parents*

*1. Online teaching time is shorter*

☘Centre: children will see different teachers (3-4) in 1-1.5 hours
💻Online: children will see different teachers (2-3), at different times/days; each session is 15-20 mins

☘Centre: Inc homework session
💻Online: Exc homework session (Children who participate in online learning in March and April, an additional 15-30 minutes will be offered to assist the child to complete related workbooks (non-mandatory) after the Centre reopens )

☘Centre: Inc intermittent waiting, resting & reading time
💻Online: Exc intermittent waiting, resting & reading time

☘Centre: Practise *15 mins High Learning Impact Cycle* (children are believed to focus+learn best in first 15-20 mins time, followed by rest & play, to form 90 mins lesson cycle)
💻Online: Nil

*2. Would my child learn lesser, online?*

Every child learns differently. Since inception of our online teaching, our records show *majority* of our children *progress more positively*, ie learning more new words, shorter revision time due to better retention by children. However, it will take more data and longer period to establish fairer statistics and report.

However, few toddlers have *yet* expressed readiness for the online teaching.

*3. Can teachers do 100% of what they teach at the centre?*

No. Online teaching programme (in such model) is a temporary measure in such challenging time. Under the *limited facilities, resources* (gadgets, wifi connection, etc) and *time*, we pledge to focus 100% on the *CORES* (ie. words recognition, revision & reading). By so doing, your child could still progress at their own pace.

*4. What if we do not have a stable line at home?*

Online learning requires stable data connection, of which without will compromise on the learning.

🎁If your child has displayed satisfactory progress with our centre in the past, what you see them learning online *resembles very closely* of how they learn at our centre. You can tell from their familiarity in following our steps and instructions. As what we always believe, *”We teach to understand, NOT to complete lesson”. Effective learning is never really a matter of the longer of class time, but the right approach and methodology.

Q:What is RM98 Discount Voucher?

Ans:The RM98 voucher is a new discount and pre-order package. Parents can purchase 2 language experience lessons at RM98 during the MCO period. Only one language (Chinese / English / Malay) can be selected in both lessons. The voucher is valid for 60 days after the end of the regulation. If parents purchase this package during the MCO period, the course pre-order package will receive a 15%-20% tuition rebate. This discount is limited to new parents.

Book an Appointment  |   RM98 Discount Voucher

Q: What should I do if there is no YELAOSHR center near my home or I cannot go to the center for special reasons?

Ans: Parents can purchase the discount voucher for RM98 2 lessons and book an appointment via the link below.  Kindly select “Long Term (1: 1) Languages Online” in the branch center column, we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Book an Appointment  |   RM98 Discount Voucher

Q: I would like to inquire about online courses / My child is X years old, what courses are suitable / Do you have any suggestion?

Ans: During the MCO, I believe that the children are sullen at home!

YelaoShr has a variety of courses. It is recommended that parents can first purchase RM98 discount voucher to have your child to experience the 2 learning lessons. Once the teacher has a more comprehensive understanding of the child through observation, we will consult the parents the learning program suitable for the child.

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Q: What should I do after purchasing the discount voucher or making an appointment?

Ans: The person in charge of the center will contact you within the shortest time (no more than 3 working days). During the MCO, we will arrange consultations with parents through online meeting and provide free learning assessment for your children.

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