持续积极推动教育变革 Active Advocacy for Educational Reform

YELAOSHR 持续积极推动教育变革


2020年,是全球动荡的一年,对于许多家庭而言,今年孩子们的学习情况与往年有所不同。 为了 防止病毒肆虐,全球所推动的线上学习模式已让整个教育体系迈向前所未有的新格局,对孩子的 教育和学习打开了更多无限的可能和潜力。于此同时,疫情的发生,也让我们更确认,要帮助孩 子应对他们不确定的未来,我们要给孩子的,不只是学历,更要给孩子能一辈子带着走的学习能 力——在每一个挑战降临时,都能用最快速的时间学习新知识、新技能,克服像疫情这样前所未 有的新挑战。

疫情来袭也让各行各业带来巨大的动荡,全国YELAOSHR能渡过今年疫情的难关,要非常感激家 长的支持,持续和我们同在;更要感激全国YELAOSHR各分中心全体同仁,一致性的高度配合协 作,全力以赴地在最短时间内,搭建起ONLINE线上教学机制,让孩子们的学习不被影响、持续 进行。

对于全国YELAOSHR能在最快速的时间内安顿好学生,通过ONLINE线上教学,让学生持续保持 高效的学习,这一举动获得众多家长的极力赞赏和肯定,当然我们也接获部分家长的反馈,向我 们反映需要改善的地方。非常感激家长与我们的信任连结,让我们把做对的地方,可以持续追求 卓越;让我们把做不好的地方,可以即时改善。

因此来到2020年的总结和迈向全新2021年,全国YELAOSHR承诺要持续追求卓越,因此各分中心 在各项运营指标上,都须符合审核标准,其中包括:​学生教学品质指标、教学流程规范指标、师 资素质水平指标、家长满意度指标、中心环境设备指标、运营管理流程指标​等等。因此, YELAOSHR总部会定时向各中心进行各层面品质的审核,达标者给予认证嘉许、不达标者会给 予提醒和指导辅助、最后也有属于无法配合YELAOSHR总部所设定各指标的中心委任经营者, 会被辞退,或选择退出YELAOSHR的运营体系。

「成就更多的孩子」、「一切都是为了孩子」,这是全国YELAOSHR所秉持的目标。为此在后疫 情时代,我们会持续积极推动教育变革:




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2020年 12月28日

Active Advocacy for Educational Reform by YELAOSHR

Education shapes our future, knowledge shapes the world.

YELAOSHR would like to thank all parents for your longtime undivided support.

2020 was a year of global crisis. To many families, this was the year in which children’s learning took a turn, different from previous years. In order to curb the spread of the virus, the globally promoted online learning model has transformed the entire education system into a new direction, opening up more possibilities and potential for children’s education and learning. Meanwhile, the outbreak of the pandemic has enabled us to be more certain of this: in order to help our children to cope with their uncertain future, what we need to provide children is not only academic qualifications, but also the learning abilities that they can bring along with them for a lifetime. Whenever a challenge comes, they are able to use the shortest time to learn new knowledge and skills to overcome new unforeseen challenges like the pandemic.

The outbreak of the pandemic has also brought huge turmoil to all walks of life. YELAOSHR nationwide were able to tide over the difficulties of this year’s pandemic. We are very grateful to all parents for your support and continue to be with us; moreover, we thank all the colleagues in YELAOSHR branches nationwide for their consistency. With the high degree of cooperation and collaboration, we will go all out to build an ONLINE learning platform in the shortest time, so that children’s learning will not be affected and they can continue learning.

Students can maintain efficient learning through ONLINE learning and this approach has been greatly appreciated and affirmed by many parents for all students of YELAOSHR nationwide to settle down within the fastest time possible. Of course, we have also received feedback from some parents and we will continue to reflect on the areas that need improvement. We are very grateful for the trust and connection between parents and us, so that we can continue to strive for excellence on what we did well and improve on what we still lack.

Therefore, coming to the conclusion of 2020 and moving towards the new year 2021, YELAOSHR nationwide promises to continue pursuing excellence in all areas, in which each centre appointed must have fulfilled various excellence criteria designated by YELAOSHR HQ. These criteria include: ​Quality Student Learning Experiences, Quality Teaching Process, Quality Teachers, Parents’ Satisfaction, Centre Environment and Facilities, Centre Operation and Management​, etc. Hence, ​YELAOSHR HQ will regularly review the quality of each centre, the centres who fulfill the criteria will be given certification, whereas the centres who have not fulfill the criteria will be given reminders and guidance. Finally, there are centres who are unable to adhere to the criteria designated by YELAOSHR HQ and will opt out of YELAOSHR’s management.

「Realising the potentials of more children」, 「All for the children」are the visions of YELAOSHR nationwide. In accordance with these visions, we will continue to actively promote these educational reforms in the post-pandemic era:

  1. Continue and better integrate the potential of ONLINE learning,
  2. Continue to consolidate YELAOSHR operating and management system for excellence,
  3. Continue to maintain a high degree of collaboration with parents.

Together, we will be a role model for children, leading today’s children and creating a wonderful future that belongs to them tomorrow!

Parents are welcome to contact YELAOSHR HQ if you have any feedback:


28t​ h​ DECEMBER 2020