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– About HOTSMATHS Magic Cards

HOTSMATHS magic cards Teacher Yap

Despite playing cards’ great creative potential, they are commonly associated with gambling and may even be banned on school grounds. It is for this reason that Mdm Teoh Poh Yew (Maths Teaching expert, the founder of Creative Wizard) designed HOTSMATHS Magic Cards.

HOTSMATHS magic cards

These cards are a wonderful substitute for a complete set of poker cards – the heart, diamond, spade and clover shapes featured in poker cards are replaced with square, triangle, rectangle and circle in HOTSMATHS Magic Cards. In the same way, Jack, Queen and King are replaced with card numbered 11, 12 and 13. There are also four blank cards that serve as Jokers when needed.

HOTSMATHS magic cards Teoh Poh Yew

HOTSMATHS Magic Cards have been designed to include mathematical features such as different shapes, colours and numbers. The cards display beautiful illustrations from a variety of categories – animals, people, places, activities, objects, food, transportation and time of the day.

HOTSMATHS magic cards Yelaoshr

This amazing pack of cards can be used to perform almost every card trick, and in some cases, out-perform regular playing cards. These cards improves not only your creativity and mathematical abilities, but helps you to pick up memory skills, thinking skills, create stories, recognise patterns, solve problems and even enhance language skills!

These cards featured in our signature program – HOTSMATHS as a unique learning tool for kids to develop their higher order thinking skills through creative and fun learning. Learn more >> HOTSMATHS programme.

Let’s Learn Magic Card Tricks:

Let’s watch the magic tricks presented by HOTSMATHS students:

HOTSMATHS 孩子们数学魔术呈现

What’s higher order thinking skills (HOTS)? Mdm Teoh Poh Yew share with you the difference between HOTSMATHS programme and mathematic tuition class.