The reason why kids abhor books

This is a story shared by Belle, the person in charge of Puncak Jalil center. The following story is about a standard three student with the language skills of a standard one student.

“There are times when parents have to accept their children’s study weaknesses.” After this student enrolled, Belle gave him a set of tests to complete to understand where his standard lays. Afterward, Belle talked to his parents hoping they would cooperate. Belle said that reaching consensus with his parents will allow them to agree with the teaching method and also making it less perplexed for their children.

In the beginning, that child did not enjoy attending classes. He would hide his backpack or leave his books in the car on purpose and assume that by doing so, he would not need to study. Sometimes, Belle would have to run out of the tuition center in pursuit of the backpack. After acknowledging this problem, Belle changed her method of teaching, making it so that he does not have to study in the tuition center but instead talk to him to find out why he hates coming to the tuition center, subjects he likes and dislikes etc.. She finds out that the child’s weakest subject is Malay, which is also the subject he hates the most. The reason behind this isn’t because Malay is hard but instead is that his Malay teacher is strict and often scolds him.

His parents don’t know about this at all.

Teacher Yap 叶老师

“In primary school, he was hurt by his teacher, therefore, I am able to understand his feelings.” After interacting with the child, Belle noticed that the kid also had his good points, it’s just that his language foundation isn’t solid. This interaction allowed Belle and that child to build trust and a relation as a friend. Since he knows that Belle understands his situation, he became more diligent and knows how to make negotiations with Belle. An example is allowing him to take a break after he reaches a certain period of improvement. This allowed him to excel tremendously.

Belle told his parents about his every detail and they finally understand his current condition. Fortunately, change also appeared on the parents. “In the past, his parents would rush him for his results and blame him for not working hard enough and not paying enough attention if he receives a bad grade; now, they would praise him and give him recognition for his efforts. These minor improvements allowed them to be appreciative.

YelaoShr Teacher Yap BelleYelaoShr Puncak Jalil 分院负责人 / Belle Fong

Every child is unique, they have their own character and story. In order to find the correct teaching method, it is not only effective but also improves parents and children’s relation. This is the happiest moment in her teaching career.

Teacher Yap: “We all know that patience is the essence of teaching children which is also the biggest challenge that we face. It is not that we adults do not know how to teach, however, it is how much patience do we have?”

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