Educate yourself first before educating others. Do not hesitate, no matter the circumstances.

To enable children to learn new information, to equip yourself so that you can lead a team efficiently, how much effort are you willing to put in? How much are you willing to sacrifice? Elva, from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia, has been flying back and forth to West Malaysia every month just to participate in training programs. Such frequent travels she did, all because Elva did not forget that first heart in education.

In 2014, prior to exposure of Yelaoshr, Elva was the Creative Mind Training Centre’s joint partner. The centre uses mind mapping techniques as their teaching methods and students’ participation ranges from primary 4 to university students. However, in the process of teaching, Elva realised that although the students have the ability to analyse important points, they have a problem with recognising words.

“To solve this issue, I started to google up about educational bodies that teach words recognising and I bumped into Yelaoshr.” – Elva

In order to gain experience from Yelaoshr, Elva negotiated many times.

Elva 叶老师 创意教学

“The common rule was that to be an entrepreneurship partner requires training at the Yelaoshr Learning Centre, to learn the full set of teaching methods after some time. Due to me living in East Malaysia, I was unable to cooperate and was rejected about five or six times. They told me the reason why I could not just undergo training and straightaway open a Yelaoshr Learning Centre in Sabah. I totally understand their concerns. However, after pleading for many more times, Yelaoshr finally made an exception to allow me to train in a week, then to open up a new centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.” – Elva

Reminiscing, Elva thinks that they finally understand that both have similar educational concepts and both parties felt like they have met a friend on the same path, thus, creating the opportunity for Yelaoshr to make an exception.

“My centre and Yelaoshr’s educational concepts are the same. We focused on building up our students’ foundation.” – Elva

Hence, since establishing the Yelaoshr Learning Centre, whenever students have a problem with recognising words at the Creative Mind Training Centre, they will join the classes at Yelaoshr in order for students to fully accept these teaching methods.

This exception has not made Elva felt lucky whereas it turned into a type of motivation, prompting her to be much more diligent than others.

“Everyone trained and taught for a much longer period than I did, and only half a year to a year later opened their centres. I only trained for a week, so whenever there are Yelaoshr training programs conducted in West Malaysia, I would attend them. – Elva

Elva notes that although the program contents are somewhat similar, yet the sharing by many teachers had benefited her.

“Every person’s personality, values and experience are different. Listening to the sharing of experiences by others always gave me new ideas.” – Elva

In addition to participating in the programs organised by Yelaoshr, Elva would take the opportunity to sign up for other courses when she comes to the west. For instance, the NLP program (neurolinguistic programming), leadership-related and communication courses. Currently, Elva flies over for about two times per month.

叶老师创意教学 Elva
Elva believes that continuous learning is an educator’s persistence.

Humbly, Elva notes that her learning abilities are weaker than others. Moreover, she was not keen on learning in the past; hence her educational level is only until Form 5 level. To be able to stand firm and set a foothold in the society, she understands that she needed to work harder, to sacrifice more energy to equip herself and not give up learning new things. There are many successful people in the society. Even if her career is on its tracks, she learns continuously, and this is our example.

When asked if she feels tired or numb due to the many courses she attended, Elva replied that in every stage of her life, everything she learnt and experienced is different. She believes that if she stops learning because her centre is doing well, or the number of students reached its target, she will not reach the peak of her life. Furthermore, Elva said that besides attending courses, applying the things she learnt on teachers, students and parents are also a part of learning. An example she pointed out was, “In these recent years, one thing that I love to encourage was ‘to start from myself’. A lot may comment that what he or she should do but I feel the need to start from ourselves to slowly influence the people around us. It does not matter if it is the implementation of a new technique or to quit some bad habits, the effects will be better than just giving advice or criticising others.”

Teacher Yap Elva
Gaining experience from the grandmaster.

Instead of saying Elva learnt many leadership and education ‘skills’, but to her, what’s most precious is the experiences after implementing information she listened and learn from class into real life. From Elva, we can deeply understand the true meaning of ‘there’s no end of learning’. Hey, isn’t this the “to start from myself” concept Elva shared working?

(Because of Elva, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah has its first Yelaoshr Creative Learning Centre, allowing local children with needs to benefit. Soon, this coming October, Elva will step foot in Miri to bring quality education to children there. We hope that more children will build their foundations strong in recognising words and love learning even more!)

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