New Norm – Online Education


The distinctive rise in online learning has created more than just a new normal. It is an indispensable skill that students acquire: to navigate self through challenges in acquiring new knowledge perpetually.  点击阅读华语版本

Yelaoshr Online Teaching

Since the first day of MCO on 18th March 2020, YELAOSHR Nationwide fully implemented its online learning that enabled 80% of our students to remain unaffected by any class suspensions.

Our team has been working incessantly, targets to bridge the performance gap between the online and face-to-face learning. The stark difference in student academic performance between those with ongoing online learning experience and total suspension is beyond doubt after a year.


Regular fee will resume in March 2021

Because of parents’ support, we are fully prepared to run both the physical and online classes in order to ensure the continual learning of our students. From March 2021 onwards, we will resume our regular fee nationwide in order that our centres can operate continuously.

Families, who are financially challenged under the pandemic, are welcome to apply fee reduction for our ONLINE PROGRAMME. We shall assist within our means, so the learning of children is not interrupted.

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To know how our Improvement Guarantee works, you can make an appointment with our centre (click here ) and bring your child for an assessment to understand more about your child’s current learning status as well as the terms and conditions of Improvement Guarantee.


【Steps to apply for my kid(s) online course fee reduction】

Steps to apply for my kid(s) online course fee reduction

*Write in a valid reason to request online course fees reduction through email or Whatsapp.
*Supporting documents are required if necessary. 
*The request for online course fees reduction is only applicable during the covid-pandemic period. Fees will resume to normal once the situation is stable.


Fortify the Learning Experience

While the pandemic impacts continue into 2021, it shall further exacerbate the disparities in literacy performance between children who continue the online learning and those who do not.

Basic literacy learning should be kept in progress. Extra resources are needed to reestablish the learning attitudes of children once it is interrupted intermittently. Therefore it is important to provide our children with sustainable learning experiences.

HOTS Coaching Programme (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

We will also offer the HOTS coaching programme for FREE* (original fee RM400 as tabulated below) every weekend! (*with minimum 3 months term payment for one-on-one language lessons)

Course Fee (update Aug 2020)-page-001

This programme is tailored for 4-12 years old. It will be conducted by our competent teachers. We are more than delighted to host this as family activities for parents and children. Parents could obtain the latest ZOOM login details through the Yelaoshr Parent Portal at .

Any further enquiry, please feel free to in touch our Yelaoshr branch manager.


We are grateful to have you in our journey❤️

From all members of


The purpose of the HOTS Coaching Programme is to cultivate children to love to think with their heads, think of different ways to solve problems, and become enthusiastic about learning new things. Each lesson will inspire children to make observations and analysis skills, improve logical reasoning skills, etc. through fun magic, magical craft making, mathematical thinking games, etc., and gradually inject positive curiosity and exploration about learning new things in this learning process.

These are the outcomes that parents have observed in the past when they let their children participate in this programme: “Wow, after joining YELAOSHR HOTS Coaching Programme, he has been so into learning and happy”, “Oh, I now know that my child loves learning and brainstorming new ideas”.

YELAOSHR firmly believes that in order for children to grow up and enter society to deal with the unpredictable future, children must be creative to overcome various unknown challenges. The key foundation of this creativity comes from the ability of autonomous learning starting from word recognition and reading, and the ability to think with high order thinking.