[RM150 Centre’s Student] Contest Registration & Payment

YelaoShr® National Literacy Open Contest 2018 @ Angel Owl & HOTsMaths Official Launching

(11 Nov) Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre,  Selangor
(18 Nov) Hotel Promenade, Sabah Kota Kinabalu

“Happy Learning, Brighter Future.”

Dear parents,

Your child should not miss this annual grand event, a children’s literacy competition from all over the country!

Parents are welcomed to register now, and we hope you won’t miss out this great opportunity!

#Limited seats, first come first served.

When we were young, we all had such a dream: “Ah, if I took the award on the stage, how glorious and happy it is!” Yes, in the children’s little hearts, although they don’t say it, but maybe they have such dreams, let us fulfill their wishes and give them recognition and affirmation!

On the 11th of November of this year (Sunday), we welcome you and your child to the Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall for the YelaoShr National Children’s Literacy Competition. In this large venue, your child along with thousands other children will take the literacy and abacus quiz together in their own best spirit and state.

Let the children enjoy the process filled with excitement and fun in the atmosphere with more than a thousand people!

Have you ever thought that every child can be a champion? Yes, the Happy National Thousand Children Literacy Competition is a milestone in the way children learn.

Whether the result of the competition is losing or winning, we must teach the children to face and accept the outcome. Because this is another important learning and tempering: life will have gains and losses, it’s not just about receiving, it’s about learning throughout the process.

Let us take the step to let our children experience and reward then with a big affirmation.

At the same time, every child participating in the competition will receive trophy on the stage from our team of teachers (this is probably the child’s first trophy), as a symbol of achieving “Championship”! In addition, we will also select the Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up winners from every age group to award them.

Words capture the wisdom of the wise, Passing it down through times.
Reading enlightens the mind, Giving joy and empowering life!

Teacher Yap
Founder and CEO
Sribhagawan Education Group Sdn Bhd (1114251-P)

Steps of Registration:-
1. For any other enquiry about the contest, kindly Whatsapp  https://wa.me/60162191377/enquiry
2.Use the below form to register for the contest.
3. Once registration has been done, you may use the below Ipay88 Payment gateway to make payment of RM150 via Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Giro.
4. Should the Ipay88 payment failed, you can online transfer/ cash deposit to Sribhagawan Education Group Sdn. Bhd.  — Public Bank Account No: 3193300833 .  Kindly Whatsapp the payment proof to https://wa.me/60162191377/contest_payment
5. Seats are limited and we will confirm the registration by payment received before the closing date on 20 October 2018.
6. For family from outstation, you can book from the Sunway hotels using the promotion details as below:-

Greetings from Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa!
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Stay period: 9 -12 November 2018
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Step 3: Select preferred Hotel
Step 4: Key in check-in Date & check-out Date
Step 5: Promotion Type, select “Corporate”
Step 6: Key in the promotion code “SRHSEG18
Step 7: proceed with the booking

【Introduction, Rules & Regulation】

Host of the Event:Wang Chun Pin (FM Radio DJ)

VIP (Advisor of Angel Owl Corporate Social Responsibility Project):

  • Mdm Teoh Poh Yew (Founder of HotsMaths)
  • Dr. Eva Wong (Founder of HappyLand Special Edu Centre)
  • Pn. Mahfuzah (Penolong Pengarah Terapis Carakerja di Bahagian Pendidikan Khas, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia)
Date: 11 November 2018 (Sunday)
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm
8:30am Registration
9:00am Contest
11:00am Lunch (at parents’ own expense)
12:30pm Programmes resume (Parents, participants and guests to enter hall and be seated.)
1:00pm Official Launching of HOTs Maths & Angel Owl Children Education Charity Project
3:00pm Announcement of Results and Prize Giving
4:00pm Programmes End


As a platform that enables young learners to present their learning abilities and show their best selves.


Trilingual literacy (Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and English) and abacus arithmetic contests for children aged 4 to 10 years.

Trilingual Literacy Contest

For every question, a teacher will read out a word within an allotted time. Contestants will listen and circle the correct word from the 5 options given. Points will not be rewarded for a question with two or more circled words. Every contestant is required to participate in all 3 languages. A contestant’s result is the summation of his or her scores in all 3 languages.

Abacus Arithmetic

Contestants shall answer arithmetic questions within allotted time. A contestant’s result is the summation of his or her scores for all questions.


Contestants can participate in both contests, i.e. Trilingual Literacy Contest and Abacus Arithmetic Contest, based on age (from 4 to 10 years; total 7 groups for each contest).   


  • Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up (for each category)
  • Excellent Awards (to all contester)
  • All contestants will each receive a T-shirt and souvenir.
  • Winners with the same scores will both receive the same prize. The Organizer’s decisions are final.

Important Information

  • Participants must be a student aged 4 to 10 years born in 2008 – 2014.
  • Joining fee: RM150 per participant (non-refundable)
  • Abacus arithmetic students can participate in both contests and enjoy fee waiver for abacus arithmetic contest.
  • Due to limited seats in the hall, only one (1) adult is permitted to attend the prize-giving ceremony for one (1) participant. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.
  • Should vacant seats are available, the Organizer may allow admission for an additional adult/non-participating child but prior registration for the waiting list at RM50 per person is required. A no-show does not warrant a refund.
  • Closing date: Before 30 September 2018 or while 1,000 contest entries last. Registration on first come, first served basis.

Important Matters

  • Since the event is conducted in Chinese language, please excuse us if this arrangement causes your inconvenience
  • Participants and their parents shall wear their name tags and wrist bands on the day until the programmes end.
  • Participants shall wear the designated T-shirt and are prohibited from bringing any other items into the hall except a jacket and abacus (for abacus arithmetic contest).
  • The Organizer will provide stationery, drinking water and snacks for participants.
  • Participants without their name tags and wrist bands will be prohibited from entering the hall and participating in the contest(s).
  • Parents shall bring their children to report themselves by 8:30am on the day at the venue.
  • After reporting themselves, the teachers will lead the participants into the hall to take part in the contests. They will be accompanied by the teacher during the entire period.
  • The hall will be closed at 9:00am and no entries shall be allowed thereafter.
  • Participants will also be accompanied by teachers during toilet visits.   
  • Participants will be accompanied by teachers at all times until parents come to bring them home.
  • Parents are allowed to remain near the hall but they are prohibited from entering the hall.
  • Since lunch is not included, parents must return to the venue by 11:00am to pick up children for lunch.
  • Parents and participants shall return to the venue by 12:30pm and be seated at their designated seats.
  • The Organizer will arrange for a team of professional photographers to take photos and videos of winners receiving their prizes. Parents are prohibited from taking photos and videos near the stage.
  • As a gesture of respect for the ceremony, parents and participants shall leave the hall only when all the prizes have been given away.
  • Parents and participants shall adhere to all safety and security regulations or face disqualification or expulsion from the venue.
  • Teachers will remind parents about the above mentioned matters again before the contests.