#04 XiaoYe: The difference between Yelaoshr’s 1-to-1 teaching and tuition

Many Daddies and Mummies would ask Mini Ye: Is Yelaoshr a tuition centre? Sometimes I would naughtily reply, “Oh no, if you want to send your kids to tuition then please don’t send them to Yelaoshr!” Such negative replies would always scare them but Mini Ye actually did not lie to them because Yelaoshr is indeed not a tuition centre as the two have their differences.

葉老師 1對1教

Today let me, XiaoYe analyse with you Daddies and Mummies:

Parents would send their children to tuition centres because the numbers of students in a class are small and the materials taught are based on current syllabus and focus can be set of certain subjects. If you look at this statement plainly then Yelaoshr is indeed a better choice! Why?

At Yelaoshr, it is about 1-to-1 learning. Based on the number of children learning in a class, we are on the upper hand. Teachers can wholeheartedly teach and guide a child’s progress. However, Yelaoshr does not teach according to their age but based on their knowledge level. If a primary 3 child after going through a test was found to be only equipped with a primary 1 level, Yelaoshr will start teaching from the primary 1 level. The difference with tuition centres is that we are not rushing the school syllabus but to focus on the child’s current level and to build up their foundation. We want to ensure that we truly taught the child and then only we will progress to another stage but not just to simply finish off the class.

Teacher Yap 1 to 1 coaching

We need to know that every child’s learning progress is not the same and that their character is not the same. Why did Confucius advocate teaching according to their abilities? (Suddenly feel that I’m so knowledgeable!) It is this principle. Every child’s learning method is different; some needed stories to strengthen their comprehension, some needed more visuals, some needed to do actions for them to see while teaching, some needed repetitive exercises, some needed small amounts of information but more frequency etc. 100 children requires 100 teaching methods, only then will we find the most effective and most suitable learning method for a child.

(XiaoYe realised that a child’s current status/mood in class will directly affect their learning effectiveness. Hence, in this 1-to-1 education model, a teacher’s main responsibility is to correct the children’s learning conditions. However, in a tuition centre, it is one teacher to many students which makes it quite difficult to implement such measures.)

1 to 1 Teacher Yap Yelaoshr

If a child’s standard is low, then how fast can you see the results? Mini Ye cannot boast and exaggerate. If a child is primary 3 but only has the levels of a primary 1, it is rather impossible to ensure that he is able to catch up within two to three months. This actually also depends on the child’s condition with cooperation from the parents (do they send them to classes on time/are the number of classes required enough for the child). Nevertheless, what we do have faith in is the children’s improvement every month will be better than the previous month.

In contrast to regular tuition classes, it may be say that lessons are taught according to the students’ syllabus in school, allowing children to learn in school and later revise at tuition classes. However, if there are students who cannot catch up, the tuition teacher is unable to drag the whole class’s progress just because of that one student. Hence, they can only guide and ensure if the students finish their homework and exercises. When we compare with Yelaoshr, who places much focus on the concept of teaching until they understand instead of finishing the lesson, the ideologies of a tuition centre are at oppositions with us as they will focus on finishing the syllabus. Due to commercial tuition centres having one teacher to many students, it is understandably hard to know if a student truly understands the lesson. If in any way there are students who responded much slower or their learning abilities poorer, they can only force the weaker group of students to catch up.

Yelaoshr 1 to 1 tutoring

This article from XiaoYe is of course not to say Yelaoshr is tip top and that tuition centres suck but when parents look up the two options, it also depends on the children’s situation: if your child is able to catch up with the syllabus at school, then tuition classes can help to strengthen their studies; but if they are unable to catch up and still goes for tuition, they will feel dejected and defeated, uninterested and would not want to learn which resulting in not catching up with the syllabus and having this negative cycle in studies.

Hence, we, at Yelaoshr hold fast to our beliefs. We want to allow children who are left behind to go back to the starting point and start afresh. Building up their foundations well, rebuilding their confidence and interests in learning and students will naturally catch up to their level.

Nah, XiaoYe has explained very clearly to you. If you sent your child to Yelaoshr but noticed that Yelaoshr does not teach the school’s syllabus, don’t blame XiaoYe for simply recommending!

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