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“Many family members and friends would ask me, why do I want to become a teacher? Why do I want to become a Yelaoshr teacher?” These are the questions faced by Taman Kinrara’s Yelaoshr business partner Lee Bao Yi from her relatives.

Bao Yi is 23 years old. Originally a sales assistant due to being unhappy with her work searched online for a job and came across Yelaoshr. “During my secondary school and university years, I had worked as a tuition teacher and an assistant teacher in a kindergarten. Those were happy days because the children are very cute.” – Bao Yi

Carrying this positive feeling, the Yelaoshr recruitment advertisement naturally sparked her interest and she came forth for an interview.

yelaoshr teacheryap 宝仪 taman kinrara

“The one-to-one teaching method intrigued me. Upon joining Yelaoshr, it made me realised that Yelaoshr is totally different from any other tuition centres.” – Bao Yi

She also said that children nowadays be it at school or tuition centres lack the care from teachers. This one-to-one teaching method can educate children according to their progress and can even care for the children’s learning circumstances and attitudes.

Prior to branching out at Taman Kinrara, Bao Yi was one of the teachers at the Bdr. Puteri Yelaoshr learning centre. She shared that at the centre they accepted a few children who have dyslexia and language disability. Perhaps it was Bao Yi’s gentleness and her patience in teaching, these children are assigned to her.

“They can also improve and they can learn. All you need is just a little gentleness, a little patience to teach them slowly and it will work.” – Bao Yi

She mentioned that the parents of these children do not expect them to improve but just to know and recognise some words and can do some reading. Bao Yi felt deeply connected to the parents’ feelings and told the parents, “Children can improve as long as you cooperate with us and give us some time.” These children indeed improved! It does not matter if they can read one or two words because this is enough to make their parents leap for joy!

“These experiences to me are of great satisfaction and it resulted in immense faith in the Yelaoshr teaching system.” – Bao Yi

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Bao Yi knows that despite the slow learning progress of these children, they are just like any other child and will get hurt.

“We will not let them feel that they are different from other children. Teachers will treat them equally and teach every student with the same heart.” – Bao Yi

Last year, the boss saw Bao Yi’s mature teaching in classes and suggested her to break a leg in entrepreneurship. Bao Yi thought to herself, since her boss believe that she has the ability to teacher children well and that the Bdr. Puteri learning centre has a lot of students so why not search for a new place to help other children? With a willingness to help people, Bao Yi took up the responsibility even though she is young. She opened up a Yelaoshr learning centre with fellow partner Cass.

宝仪 yelaoshr teacheryap taman kinrara
From Left:Bao Yi、Yelaoshr’s Creator – Carol Yap、Cass

To be able to venture into business, Bao Yi is very grateful to Yelaoshr because she grew tremendously under this organization.

“My boss, Ms Kong previously gave me advice and reminders when managing parents and children. She said that my strength is that I am very patient to the children and the children liked me but at some times when facing the parents some words during communication are inappropriate because I was unable to get rid of the tone I used to speak with children. With this awareness, I adjusted myself and improved my weakness.” – Bao Yi

In addition, Bao Yi reflected that the trainings and courses provided by Yelaoshr are very effective in upgrading teachers’ standards.

“Through these courses, my emotional management, education concepts, management skills etc. has advanced forward. Thanks to Yelaoshr who arranged many great speakers for us, allowing me to grow!” – Bao  Yi

To be able to help children and to increase in individual growth; I believe this is Bao Yi’s answer to the questions thrown at her?

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