How to Choose The Right One-to- One Class?

Aiming at parents who hold high hopes for their children, tuition service has been flourishing in recent years. Spurred by the proliferation of internet, some tuition service providers advertise their service on the internet to enrol students and recruit part-time tuition teachers at the same time.

It is not uncommon that parents who came to us compared home tuition and YelaoShr® as both are providing one-to- one coaching. So what is the difference between the two? Below are our answers:

Difference 1:

YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Creative Learning Centre is an established educational institution with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. We have a comprehensive system to select and train teachers to ensure service quality. Many tuition centres or tuition service portals on the internet serve only as intermediary agencies to provide a platform to connect teachers and parents with the aim of learning intermediary fees in the process. Thus, the service quality is often inconsistent, if not questionable, due to inadequate qualifications and experience as well as lenient standards of teacher selection.

Difference 2:

YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Creative Learning Centre requires all teachers to adhere to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), programmes and prescribed methods so that the progress of each student can be systematically measured. When a student has not shown expected progress, we are able to provide timely and specific solution to tackle the issue. On the contrary, home tuition teacher does not have a systematic teaching programme or learning plan despite providing one-to- one coaching.

Difference 3:

YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Creative Learning Centre provides learning assessment for every child. Our experienced teachers assess, record and report a child’s learning progress periodically in addition to providing feedbacks to patents when necessary.

We also develop our own teaching materials and adopt learning solutions based on a child’s learning pace and literacy level because we do not subscribe to one size fits all. On the contrary, home tuition teachers do not have a proven programme and materials.
With so many tuition choices to select from, parents need to consider several key factors:

Key Factor 1: Qualifications of Teaching Staff & Teaching Methods

Large classes affect learning because teachers are unable to give adequate attention to each student. Therefore, one-to- one coaching is a better solution that ensures effective teaching and learning. At YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Creative Learning Centre, we are backed by several hundred teachers who are systematically trained and dedicated to the teaching profession so that one-to- one coaching is available to every student.

Key Factor 2: Teaching Solutions

The teaching programmes should be target-specific and custom-made with strategies that vary according to literacy level and learning pace. For example, at YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Creative Learning Centre, our personalized programmes provide individualized learning based on each student’s ability.

A friendly reminder to parents: Avoid enrolling your child in a tuition class that does not really benefit him/her just because you want a quick-fix solution, which eventually and actually costs more precious time and money.

Key Factor 3: Brand, Word of Mouth, Customer Service System, Number of Students and Track Record

Parents should do their homework after searching for info on the internet. This includes visiting the centres, enquiring about qualification of tutors, number of past successful students as well as asking for opinions of friends and relatives.

No teaching method will work if parents do not understand their children’s aptitudes and abilities because they cannot instill a love of learning in children let alone improving their academic performance. For instance, some children are fast learners but lack self-control; some might be below average in a class, so a large class will not benefit them as they require more personal attention from teachers.

Therefore, parents should be aware of their children’s learning needs before selecting a learning programme. Professional learning centres have a systematic pre-learning assessment that helps identify a child’s learning challenges before formulating a solution plan that targets at the root of a problem. This approach is more effective in helping young learners to improve in their learning.