Be true to the heart of education – students will come if you have the right attitude

Sisters Crystal and Zi Ling are considered to be Yelaoshr’s seniors in the early days of establishment. Currently, they own four Yelaoshr Learning Centres at USJ Subang, Kota Kemuning, Bukit Tinggi and Bandar Parkland in Klang Valley. It seemed like a very successful business but who would have thought they used to face the challenge of having no student, no income and no ability to provide payrolls?

Today, we interviewed the elder sister, Crystal. When she finished her SPM at the age of 18, she enrolled a course for air stewardess. As they were available positions in the flight company she desired after finishing her studies, she brought the attitude of “I’ll do this for the time being” and joined Yelaoshr. Fate is so amazing, this ended up being her job with Yelaoshr for more than 10 years.

“I got the opportunity to teach some very special children at that time. They can just roll under the table because they do not want to study. However, through Yelaoshr’s teaching methods, I told them stories and built a relationship with them. Ultimately they actually quietly sit down to learn. This not only gave me a great sense of achievement and it also filled me with the joy of helping them to learn.” – Crystal

About a year later, Crystal was provided with the opportunity to manage a centre. She laughed, “I was teaching at the Sri Petaling Yelaoshr’s first learning centre. I performed exceptionally well with another colleague of mine at the centre, so the founder, Carol told us that ‘One mountain cannot hide two tigers’, and she decided to arrange me to Mahkota Cheras to help an investor manage the centre.” A very cheerful Crystal did not think much of it at that time; she just felt that if Carol gave her this mission meant that she was trusted to be able to handle the task. Hence, she was position as a centre’s person-in-charge from teaching.

“Later on, Carol gave me a mission to open a new learning centre.” – Crystal

Teacher Yap YelaoShr 叶老师 Bukit TInggi

Crystal, who had only worked for two or three years, where did she get the capital to establish a new centre? She applied for a personal loan, with additional support from her family finally managed to gather enough financially to open a centre. She brought her sister Zi Ling together to Subang Jaya to establish her very first Yelaoshr Learning Centre. Crystal was in charge of management while Zi Ling did the teaching. The efforts and plannings did not bring them off to a good start. In the first month, they were unable to recruit any students, did not have any income and could not even afford the payroll for the staff.

“It was truly a tough time. Yelaoshr was not very popular at the beginning and not many people will come to us.” – Crystal

Crystal described the situation as ‘setting foot into the business’ and could only persevere ob despite the hardships. Subsequently, they went to schools and homes to pass out brochures, telling themselves that they will have students, utilising the ‘Law of Attraction’. By the second month, they have recruited enough students to balance off the expenses and they finally passed the storm.

However, the events that happened later are enough to prove that Crystal’s positivity. Five months after establishing their first Yelaoshr Learning Centre, Crystal opened up her second centre.

“I was thinking that I have me and my sister; since the first centre is on its tracks, why not try to expand with a second centre? – Crystal

Crystal decided to joint venture with a colleague from Sri Petaling and opened her second centre at Kota Kemuning.

“I believe that where there are students, there is a need for Yelaoshr.” – Crystal

With such a simple belief, it allowed her to subsequently open her third (Bukit Tinggi) and fourth (Bandar Parkland, Klang) Yelaoshr.

Do not deter from that first purpose because of the workload

叶老师 教育事业
Crystal’s positivity and optimism, allowed her to lead a team of excellent members, helping countless students.

At the moment, Crystal goes back and forth between the four centres. She teachers if they are shorthanded in addition to most of the time communicating with the parents. To this she expresses, “From a business perspective, the parents are our sources of income; but we cannot bring forth this attitude to meet with the parents as this concept will affect the communication between us and the parents. Why so? Because I have done it before.”

Crystal revealed that she would not recruit just any student. Only students who undergo the test and require help will be accepted. Students who have a high ability to learn are those Crystal would not recruit. From a business perspective, this practice will definitely affect business performance.

“Initially when I was helping an investor to manage the centre, the investor would constantly tell me that our business performance is poor which caused me much stress. It led me to see the parents as a source of money, constantly persuading them to send their children here to study.” – Crystal

Quickly, Crystal realised that she violated her own and Yelaoshr’s professional standards. She reflected her opinions to the investor, noting that they should not blindly use sales to evaluate the performance of the centre because this concept will change Yelaoshr’s education beliefs.

“I believe that being loyal and true to the first purpose we establish Yelaoshr and to the attitude of education, the parents will feel the difference because only with the right attitude will more students enrol.” – Crystal

To Crystal, the most challenging aspect of expanding Yelaoshr was not teaching, and not encountering the parents; but it is to find the teacher with a heart for children and is willing to teach them.

“Teachers with both qualities are few in number.” – Crystal

Every so often, whenever Crystal realised that some teachers only bring in an attitude of a worker or when teaching gets tough and tiring, Crystal will always discuss with them regarding their career prospects and direction.

“I personally think that if you truly have the heart to teach a child, you will not feel exhausted. If you feel exhausted, perhaps the methods you used are incorrect or your attitude and personality do not suit the job.” – Crystal

In that way, Crystal feels it is better for both parties because there is no need to force the stay of teachers, making them tired as she herself also feels tired when seeing situations as such.

“If you do not suit the job, just let go! There is no wrong in it.” – Crystal

Barely approaching her 30s, Crystal is very satisfied with her current situation.

“I have family members who are very supportive and they shifted from one place to another a few times just for me. My four centres only require a highway to commute which makes it convenient. This year-end or early next year, Yelaoshr will be expanding to Putra Heights and I look forward to the future.” – Crystal

Bringing forth a childlike heart to help children with a passion and to solve the frustrations of parents are the secret keys to Crystal success. These stories may sound like nothing but they are the stories that inspire Crystal’s soul; they are the motivations that keep expanding the Yelaoshr franchise. She only has one goal – that is more people will benefit from Yelaoshr.

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