Effects on Learning

Effects on Learning


100At the Beginner stage, teachers will use flashcards to guide young learners in recognizing words, which in turn improves their memory gradually. At this stage, the words are large and printed in red to attract their attention and reinforce impression. Children aged 3 to 4 years will be able to read 100 Chinese words within 2 months.




Taking one step at a time, children will be able to read words after 3 months though their individual progress may vary. Some children may even master between 100 and 200 words after 2 months.



Some 4-year-old children will be able to pick up 500 words within 8 months, which is equivalent to Standard 1 level. At this stage, your child can read short stories independently. The role of the teacher now is to guide your child in independent reading, hone his/her reading skills, and cultivate the habit of reading.


Suku Kata

Based on our experience, most children are able to memorize suku kata (syllables) but not all can read Malay fluently. Our unique learning method helps children master the Malay language effectively. At the Beginner stage, the teacher will guide your child in mastering the pronunciation of every syllable before proceeding to writing exercises. By mastering suku kata, your child can write correctly just by listening.



When children have learned to master the skill of spelling by listening, they can sail through ejaan without memorizing or rote learning.


3000The ultimate goal of literacy is to cultivate a child’s interest in reading, but not for coping with exams. Studies show that a person with a command of about 1000 words can read and understand up to 80% of the content in normal books and newspapers.