Learning Solution

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Tailor-made Learning
Our methods are not restricted by age and grade, enabling every child to start learning from a level suitable for his/her abilities. This builds foundation and re-establishes confidence to help children catch up in school.

Children vary in learning abilities. Some may need more time and exercises than others. Therefore, a tailor-made approach that suits a child’s learning pace helps create a pleasant learning experience that encourages progress.

One-to-one Guidance
We provide one-to-one guidance so that the teacher can pay full attention to your child. We do not subscribe to one-size-fits-all teaching method. Neither do we divide students into groups based on age or grade.

Learning Ability Assessment
Before enrollment, children will sit for a free literacy assessment to identify the challenges they face. Upon enrollment, a more comprehensive assessment will be given by the teacher to assess a child’s proficiency level before formulating a learning solution and materials that suit his/her needs.

Simultaneous Left and Right Brain Development
Unlike conventional methods, YelaoShr® Word Recognition and Abacus Mental Arithmetic Programmes employ ‘visual impression’ in teaching that stimulates both the left and right brain of a child to promote whole brain development.