A gorgeous makeover: From homemakers to educators, accepting the inner calling.

Perhaps joining Yelaoshr as a teacher may have many different reasons for different individuals, but for Cass’s story, it is rather interesting. When interviewed, she said, “I joined because I was bored!”

Cass is a mother of three. Prior to joining Yelaoshr she was a full-time housewife. The Cass three years ago frequently visited a vegetarian restaurant. Because Yelaoshr’s learning centre is just right above the restaurant, she often saw information about Yelaoshr.

“Three years ago, my youngest was five or six years old and the eldest already 12. At this period of time, my children were in kindergarten and primary school and I realised I have some free time in my daily routine.” – Cass

Despite noticing the recruitment advertisement by Yelaoshr, but for some reasons Cass was unable to take the first step forward.

“After giving birth to my firstborn, I had resigned my advertising job, so I have not been in the workforce for about 11 to 12 years and was worried I am unable to cope and adapt. In addition, the job as a ‘teacher’ feels as if it required many skills and I was not sure if I could take up the job.” – Cass

After much consideration, with feelings in her, that said, “I’ll give it a try!”, Cass went for an interview for the post of a part-time assistant teacher at the Puchong Yelaoshr. She works three mornings per week to accommodate the time to fetch her children from school. This arrangement did not cause her to neglect her family and even find a support to her free time which was rather a win-win deal. Seven to eight months later, Cass was asked by her boss if she can work as a full-time teacher when the learning centre was short of manpower.

“At that moment I clarified to my boss that ‘family’ is still the centre of my focus.” – Cass

Cass may have agreed to work full-time but she acquired approval from her boss to allow her children to stay at the Yelaoshr learning centre after school. As she lives nearby the centre, Cass was able to go home and cook, have dinner and come back to work later. Cass said that verbally she may have said she will focus more on her family but she still treats and teaches the children at the centre earnestly because this is the fundamental responsibility of a teacher.

Without realising it, Cass has adapted to her life as a full-time teacher. A couple of months later, her boss started to allow her to meet parents and also train other teachers, slowly building up her road leading to entrepreneurship. Most importantly, these experiences had built up her faith in growing a business.

“In addition to managing more of the administrative work, I became friends with Bao Yi at the learning centre, who is my business partner at the Tmn Kinrara branch. I feel that our personalities and the way we handle things are similar. This one to two years we had been working closely with each other and she is one of the reasons I can build my business so smoothly.” – Cass

Indeed, Cass has transformed from a housewife to a part-time assistant teacher to a full-time teacher and to now, a Yelaoshr business partner.

Earnestly helping parents and children

Prior to Cass joining Yelaoshr, she was not in the education sector. However, diligence is the key to success! She let on that she would read materials related to education every day to improve herself. Hence, when encountering parents and children alike, she has no problem communicating with them. She concludes her secret when it comes to dealing with people – being earnest.

“Besides wanting parents to successfully enrol their children, I hoped, even more, to help the children grow and learn. Sometimes when I talked to parents, I would suggest some other channels apart from Yelaoshr to help their children, especially those children who are special.” – Cass

She continued, many bad habits that parents see in their children are actually symptoms of them being special which required professional knowledge and much experience to realise. Hence, when reminding the parents, they really got a shock.

“Some children may be stagnant for a period once they reach a certain level and they could not learn properly. I would discuss and reflect with their parents regarding the suitability of continuing to learn in this environment. Perhaps the children needed medical attention before continuing their classes here.” – Cass

Due to Cass’s children have similar situations, she knows better on how to handle this kind of condition. She would provide suggestions on ways to take care of special needs children and regarding their children’s diet to improve the children’s situation.

“I am also a parent, hence, I tend to have a mutual effect with the parents. Some parents had even cried in front of me while chatting. They could be very grateful for the help, or just do not know what to do.” – Cass

Yelaoshr Teacher Yap Taman Kinrara Cass

With an earnest heart, Cass would always put in her best effort to help the parents and children. Using Cass’s words, “this is to help people, to help myself”. Because this is a job she is passionate about, it gave even more meaning and value to her life.

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