A decade to grind a sword; it takes time to implement a different education concept

15th of July, a YelaoShr Learning Centre opened its doors in Bukit Raja, Klang Valley. What’s worth noting is that the entrepreneur, Peggy only joined YelaoShr and accepted training to become an educator on the 1st of June. YelaoShr implements a strict reviewing process towards teachers and prospect partners alike. To open up a centre usually take approximately 6 months to a year’s time of preparation. In such a short time span of one month, how did Peggy achieve this success?

“Prior to joining YelaoShr, I was already in the education industry for 10 years.” – Peggy presents a critical factor in her review. With such experience in the education sector, this enabled Peggy to be able to pick up tips and tricks easily while undergoing training.

Peggy was originally a computer teacher, facing a bottleneck situation in her job after 10 years and she could not find a breakthrough. “I chatted with a friend who works at YelaoShr dealing with the development of new markets, he introduced me to YelaoShr.” – Peggy

Peggy heard about YelaoShr’s ventures and her entrepreneurship dreams were rekindled. After 6 months of leaving her job, she began to train at YelaoShr. Another reason that enabled her to quickly accept YelaoShr was the correspondence of teaching concepts, and that her teaching yields marvellous results.

YelaoShr Teacher Yap Peggy Bandar Bukit Raja Klang

“YelaoShr is different from other courses and classes. It provides a unique method to allow children to learn words and pronunciations rapidly.” – Peggy

During her period of internship, Peggy was attached to one of the centres. As she starts to implement these methods to teach the children, her confidence grew when the children benefit from her teaching.
“There are many children in the learning centre which do not recognise Chinese words, have different levels and abilities in learning. YelaoShr educates us to teach in accordance to the children’s talents, to individualise teaching techniques with children of different learning capabilities. The results of my internship – these methods really work!” – Peggy

While training, there was a message that left a deep impression on Peggy. “What we do with education is to spread love to everyone.” Besides individualised teaching, YelaoShr wants teachers to treat every student equally. No matter good or bad in studies, teachers are to educate with all their heart and strength.

Serving the community back at home

Peggy, who is from Klang Valley, established her YelaoShr Learning Centre at the place she grew up in. This is her way of giving back to the community. When asked if she wants to venture into the business, Peggy did not hesitate for a second and she hopes to help more children learn and know more words.
She expresses that children nowadays face electronic gadgets for long hours which lead to the lack of enthusiasm in books and reading and literacy is starting to become weak.

“YelaoShr focuses on teaching children to learn words and pronunciations; reading is a method I totally agree on. If literacy among children is increased, their confidence will increase too and in the process instilled a love for reading. In that way, children will naturally have improvements in their homework and exams.” – Peggy

Currently, the newly founded learning centre has an assistant teacher working with Peggy. Peggy feels blessed because YelaoShr is well-known. In addition to receiving great reviews, a lot of parents also know about YelaoShr’s concepts and trust in YelaoShr fully. She does not need to explain much as most parents are very clear with the methods used at YelaoShr. This saved quite a hassle to her who just started her own centre and she is very positive with the future prospects.

Peggy YelaoShr Teacher Yap Bandar Bukit Raja Klang

Teacher Yap: The establishment of the education sector requires a firm purpose. It is not a business waiting for customers to come in to buy and spend; it is a space to life influence lives.


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