#07 To create a working environment that gives a sense of satisfaction for the teachers; a stage to continuously have personal breakthroughs

As always, the job of a “teacher” gives people the impression of a stable job, attractive income, many benefits and holidays. However, a job that seem so bountiful as such has seen the number of teachers drastically decreasing over the years, not only do less people apply to become a teacher, there are many of these teachers opting for early retirement. This situation is obviously seen in teachers in big cities. In addition to handling the trivial and complicated paperwork in school, they are also faced with parents who are highly educated and parents who easily file for complaints about many things.

Teaching at Yelaoshr, teachers can not only retrieve their honour, they can also plainly educate in addition to building up their lives and realising self-growth and transformation.

叶老师 培训 yelaoshr training

“Come home” often, teachers are not alone

Every year, Yealoshr’s internal management will have two major events – which is the Appreciation Dinner and Large-scale Training. These two programs are specially prepared for our teachers.

The Large-scale Training will be held at a hotel. Headquarters will call in all 59 branches of Yelaoshr teachers to “come home”. We will invite professional speakers to provide valuable training to our teachers. Teachers would feedback every time that their teaching skills have improved and this united the teachers. As for the Appreciation Dinner before every Chinese New Year, it is a time for teachers to gather and fellowship with food to get to know one another. All over Malaysia, teachers would normally focus and work hard in their own centres, but when it comes to events like these, teachers are like a family because everyone is doing the same thing. This feeling, a sense of belonging because they know they are not alone in the battlefield. Regardless of the different place they work in, the problems they faced with parents and students alike are very similar. Listening to teachers of different centres sharing their thoughts, sometimes it when reflected on their own problems, it somehow does not seem so big anymore.

yelaoshr training 叶老师 培训

For 10 over years, we have slowly set up the mechanisms for teachers’ training but we are not satisfied with this because there are so many areas and details needing improvement. To do things effectively, we cannot just look at it from the surface. Some rules that are set by headquarters may not be effective to those teachers who implement them in reality. When we received feedback, we will reflect and even cancel some of the unnecessary systems. Hence we focused on interactions between teachers and the sharing of cases. These sessions are like family meetings, honest yet warm at the same time.

Yelaoshr is the fortress for our teachers

To our teachers, I do not treat them as my workers. Just like the students at the learning centre, we look forward to our students’ growth, we are also positive of our teachers’ transformation. As long as the teachers are willing to sacrifice, in the Yelaoshr system, they are able to become all-rounded leaders in just a short time. I always tell my teachers, if you are willing to upgrade yourself, we have many opportunities to allow you to grow.

Initially when there’s only one Yelaoshr learning centre, I would always tell them, “If possible, let us not be teachers for life.” I would always ask my teachers to meet the parents, learn how to manage the centre and I would share everything to them without any reservations. A few years later our teachers will have the skills and abilities to open branches. They will change from my teachers to bosses. To achieve all these fully depends on their willingness to accept challenges and to break out of their comfort zone.

叶老师 培训 yelaoshr training 叶老师创办人 叶怡怡

Both teachers and children have potential, with the right methods, they can become a new person. Just do not look down on yourself! Just as how you want parents to believe in their children, so should you believe in yourself!

Honestly speaking, to build an education platform is very exhausting because in the society there is a lot of competition. If there is no systematic team and brand, working in the education system is not easy. In this Yelaoshr platform, these problems are handled by headquarters. Teachers are only required to have a passion to teach, meet the parents with a sincere heart and focus on managing the centre. Yelaoshr is the fortress, a backup for our teachers.

Reminiscing more than 10 years back, tuition teachers were like workers needed to follow every orders given and they cannot have their own stand. Whatever the parents want you to teach, teachers should just follow blindly. The bosses of tuition centres would ask teachers to respect the parents as they are the source of income while a tuition teacher’s responsibility is to satisfy the needs of the customers. In environments like these, Yelaoshr stood firm, telling parents that there is a time to study, rest and even play. Some parents would be dissatisfied with it. Yelaoshr would tell parents that their child’s standards are not at par with their age requiring the child to start from a lower grade. How many parents could accept that? Now, we have walked through more than 10 years and Yelaoshr has built its own reputation. As for the parents, they can start to accept our concepts and values.

As an educator, we should stand up for our profession; to focus on the children and not to just blindly satisfy the parents. With Yelaoshr’s support, teachers can make a stand.

叶老师 培训 yelaoshr training 葉老師

Many of our teachers became business partners after joining Yelaoshr and some had even conducted their learning centres for more than 10 years. When we talked about the past, teachers would look back and realised that they can build their own business and they can be independent. At Yelaoshr, there is an opportunity to find your own piece of blue sky.

I always felt that this platform is amazing. Most of us are not originally from the education sector right from the very start but we manage to press on till today. There is no rule that says “success takes 10 years”; there is no hierarchy as some teachers opened their centre at the age of 22. Without limitations, we can allow more miracles to unfold here and more beautiful moments to surface.


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