#06 Teachers, the engineers of the souls in society. The souls are also the mental development of children apart from knowledge.

Teachers are the engineers of the souls in society. The souls are also the mental development of children apart from knowledge. This is a sacred job. One step wrong and a child’s future will end at the hands of the teacher. Hence, working in this education industry, we do not forget the noble aspiration, and that is why I pay a lot of attention to Yelaoshr’s teaching quality.

Headquarters and teachers, a two-way communication

When I was designing the educational system, I knew that the time children spent at Yelaoshr are very limited. Therefore, our job is to grasp hold of every step in teaching in that limited amount of time so as to not waste any of this precious time. We will not let our teachers do additional things, and try to be accurate in the methods individualised to each child’s needs. If there are teachers giving feedback regarding some materials or courses being ineffective, we will modify and amend it to be near perfection.

The ultimate purpose of Yelaoshr is to teach children to understand and not to finish the syllabus on hand. We do not want to see children understand superficially where after months and months, they did not learn anything. If teachers find that progress is slow, they need to adapt and modify their teaching methods. Of course, based on our experience, 80 per cent of the children are able to follow the lessons in our courses partly because we have been in the industry for years. Those 20 per cent are children that are extraordinary and require extraordinary attention in teaching. Extraordinary meant special need children, slow learners, children with a more stubborn personality etc. The direction of our training for teachers existed for this purpose.

叶老师 培训 teacher yap

A perfect system, quality assured.

As our franchise expanded in numbers, I am leaning heavily towards the part of training and coaching our teachers. The number of teachers is increasing steadily and slowly, I am unable to guide each and every teacher. The efforts we have put in over the years have made our training module near perfect. We want to focus on the teaching methods and the building up of the mental aspect of our training. Once the techniques and methods are mastered, we can present these techniques wholly in our classes to the children. If we encounter extraordinary children, we need to have great wisdom, immense patience and love to utilise another way to teach them.

Yelaoshr teachers will participate in training at the headquarters or at the centres they work in. Before being able to participate in teaching, teachers will be guided by the supervisor of the branches and they will need to be evaluated and validated at the headquarters later.  If a teacher can fully understand and accept our teaching concepts, then she is able to answer all questions. However, if they do not pass the validation process, supervisors will subsequently assist and follow up. Teachers at other centres will also be audited for the quality in teaching as headquarters will send auditors to check on teaching records and observe the situations during classes.

完善培训机制 叶老师

To recognise our teachers’ hard work, we will issue a Certificate of Completion to those who can fully master certain subjects. If a teacher can excel in a subject through results and progress, or to reach a level of expertise, we will issue a Certificate of Achievement and some monetary rewards.

Yelaoshr has established for 13 years and till today, we have 55 centres all over Malaysia. All the branches’ are through joint ventures which means the entrepreneurs are mostly teachers who served in Yelaoshr prior to this. They are evaluated for their attitude and teaching concepts by headquarters before being authorised to open their own Yelaoshr Learning Centre.

We pray that the Yelaoshr franchise can move forward one step at a time to the ambition of being ‘engineers of the soul’; to allow children to learn happily and fall in love with learning from the world that is full of knowledge and information. This is what children of this generation needs, and it is also my heart’s desire to see this wonderful picture.

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