#05 Blessings will come naturally when you have a pure heart to educate children, and not just being indifferent to the profession.

Counting back, I have already been in the education line for 13 years. Till to date, if you are to ask me, “What is the most needed in the education sector?” My answer will be – the passion to persevere on and to teach according to the abilities of the children.

Being a teacher is different from the common office work of white collars. Each and every day, we face very lively children. If on any day you do not have any mood for work, you can be inattentive at work and finished off the basic tasks. However, being a teacher you are unable to do so. If on any day your attention is elsewhere and work is not of no interest, classes for the children that day is doomed. They will lose a day of opportunity to learn and improve. Therefore, it can be seen that the educator’s profession is such a noble one.

Though it is tough, I am not bitter about it but I am happy with it.

叶老师 创办人 叶怡怡

We encounter different children each day, answering the questions they ask, feeling the joy when they learn and even laugh uncontrollably at the jokes they make… You can say that every day is a fresh one. When these children grow up, there will be a new batch of students coming in and that is totally a brand new page to write stories about. How interesting it is!

Facing different students, we cannot utilise the same old teaching methods because not everyone can be applied with the same methods. Teachers have to use limitless creativity to cater to the children’s foundations and personalities to ensure that they will learn something and grow. While guiding children to use their intelligence, we as teachers also cracked our brains immensely.

Nevertheless, we see that teachers in schools are faced with the progression of the syllabus and challenged with the Ministry of Education’s standards; hence, they are unable to be a hundred per cent sure that every student understands the whole chapter before proceeding to the next. At Yelaoshr, teachers are not limited by these restrictions and challenges. We can teach one chapter for a week, ensuring that they learnt fully before moving forward to the next chapter. Due to situations like this, teachers are responsible to the children and parents, not losing consciousness, and so reaped great satisfaction in their work. Yelaoshr provides teachers with the freedom in their teaching to allow teachers to recollect their confidence and the passion of education for the next generation because the line of work they are doing are the things that they should be and want to do.

I am fortunate to meet so many fellow educators

叶老师 230 年度大培训 Teacher Yap
The annual training, 2008, approximately 10 teachers; 2018, over 230 teachers

Yelaoshr is established for 13 years, my teaching audience changed from students to teachers. In order to be certain that Yelaoshr’s teachers are one in mind, we bring forth many training courses and activities for our teachers. One of the main focuses is our teachers’ attitude and teaching techniques.  With only passion and no skills, or have excellent teaching skills but without patience cannot effectively educate the children.

All this training are also a time for teachers to present the best parts of themselves. I always hope that the children can unleash their potentials and it is also the same for the teachers.

Through the training, we can always get to know more about each and every teacher. If we meet people who are not suitable for the job, we will not approve them of teaching. There are some teachers who worked for one or two years and lost their passion will leave on their own. Just like what was mentioned earlier, this job as a teacher cannot be forced. A common white collar can still produce work even though they do not like their job; however, if you do not like children, you are really unable to proceed in this field. The children cannot learn anything from you and the satisfaction from your work is no longer there.

Apart from training, we can understand if a teacher’s teaching methods are working through the progress of their children because, at the end of every phase of learning, the children will have tests. If a teacher is unable to teach them, the children will not pass the tests. At Yelaoshr, every teacher is unable to zombie around as they really need to teach their children well. At schools, we can say that with such a big class it is impossible to take every student into consideration; at Yelaoshr, with the one-to-one teaching, there is no such excuse.

叶老师 2018年度大培训 Teacher Yap YelaoShr

I am very fortunate. After experiencing all sorts of challenges, most teachers still stay back at the end. These teachers truly accept Yelaoshr’s educational concepts and have requirements for themselves. Every now and then, they will use their creativity to produce better teaching methods. These are not the things required by the Headquarters or by the boss, but it is of their own initiative. I always instilled my teachers with a concept – this job is not just working for the boss but for themselves. Teaching the children is like accumulating blessings for themselves. Blessings will come naturally when you have a pure heart to educate children, and not just being indifferent to the profession.

On this road of education likened the spring breeze and rain, I am immensely blessed to have so many walking with me.

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