#04 Learn to accept children for themselves

From time to time, I would think that the moment that parents most trusted their children is during the infancy period. We believed they can learn how to eat, walk, talk… However, what is the reason that when children stepped into the school, they started to lose trust in their children? That is because we adults started to compare. Xiao Ming from the house next door has such excellent results, but my child just barely passed… How did this happen? We started to question if our child is less intelligent, less hardworking… All sorts of negativity will be added on the child.

The course at Yelaoshr is a children-centred education system. Only when children truly understand the things they have learned, we will then proceed to the next step. Just give your children some time and patience; we have confidence that we can teach them to recognise words, even if they are three or four years old. Nevertheless, parents will feel that their children have wasted the tuition fees and disappointed them when results were not seen over time just because they do not believe that their children can do it.

As parents, we need to learn to accept our children for themselves. Many a time, when our children are unable to catch up with the syllabus set in the school, parents will start to be worried and afraid and they start to reproach their children. My child was in primary 3 and sometimes he does not know the multiplication table. Honestly, I can accept it because he does not understand why he needs to memorise the multiplication table. What is the function of the multiplication table? Of course, I will help him to learn how to memorise the multiplication table and not blame him on what he cannot do just because other children can. Because this is my child; this is he himself.

Just give it a thought, if no one sets a rule that primary 3 students need to memorise the multiplication table, will you feel it as a problem if a primary 3 cannot memorise it? You do not find it a problem, yes? We are always being fixed into the frames of society and forgot to give our children space to learn what they love; to follow their own interests and learn and grow. Even if a child reaches an age of 12 and their minds mature and can memorise the multiplication table, it is still a celebratory event, because he finally understands it!

叶老师创办人 叶怡怡 Teacher Yap

To me, these are not some new and fresh educational concepts. I just feel that these are natural events. It is time we place our focus on our child instead of other children, school teachers and even tuition teachers. A child’s every step in growth, be it fast or slow, is worth celebrating!

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