#03 Children are also searching for “true love”

As parents, we would pay special attention to our children’s big and small issues. Especially after establishing the Yelaoshr Learning Centre, sometimes hearing the educational methods of some parents to their children, my heart felt pride. Everyone, please lend me some time and listen to what I’ve got to say!

The most frequent thing I have heard is that parents are disappointed and furious because the studies of their children are not as expected. Some would even go as far to say, “I’ve spent so much money, sacrificed my time to fetch you and you’ve repaid me with this kind of results!” Similarly, if their children produce good results, parents would reward their children, showing that they love them even more. Between parents and the children, this situation where results are used in exchange for love has indirectly caused harm to the children.

用心教学 叶老师 teacher yap

I believed that not one child does not want to excel in their studies. Many times, they do not even know what problems they are facing in the process of studying. “Why can’t I understand even if I’ve studied it back and forth? Why does the teacher give me so many exercises, but I still cannot understand what it is about?” Before the challenges faced are even resolved, the children already hear their parents’ scolding. Now, the children will receive a message – it is my fault, I am not good enough, and sink into a perception that they are stupid and useless. What a depressing phenomenon this is! Only with excellent results, then I am accountable to my parents, then my parents will love me… is this truly “love”?

Nowadays, capitalism is the way of the norm, many parents are both working in the society, and have also accepted rules in the business society; that is, how much you deserve depends on how much effort you have put in. At some of the Yelaoshr Learning Centres, I have heard parents calculating, “In this course, how many words can you let my child learn? RM400 can learn 800 words, meaning one word costs 50 cents?” If the amount of money is paid and the child does not learn the fixed amount of words, it seems as if Yelaoshr is a scam!

In truth, there are many factors that affect a child’s results. In addition to their own qualifications, they also require time, encouragement and support from others, the physical and mental state of the child on the exam day etc. This is not a business, but an education. We cannot use the standards of business to fit on a child.

葉老師 創意教學

Another thing I have frequently heard is, “I know that your courses are great, but I think my child cannot do it.” They said that they have watched the videos posted on our website and are confident in our teaching methods, but they are just not confident in their children. Frustratingly they totally do not believe that their children have potential, simply saying that “My child is a slow learner, very hard to be taught.” Even if children have an opportunity to learn, they still carry a doubtful attitude, feeling that their children cannot succeed.

I always tell my fellow teachers that we have to continuously do what we do to prove to the parents that their children can do it. This is truly the biggest wish and motivation of Yelaoshr’s teachers. We may recruit children of larger ages and they may have some temper and attitude in the beginning and teaching them can be tedious and tiring at times. Nevertheless, when we are able to teach team, allowing their parents to change their opinions, the effort and time we have put in are worth it. In schools, you may probably hear of the teachers complaining about your child, saying that they are not focused, or not completing their homework etc;at Yelaoshr, we will tell you – your child can do it!

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