#01 Step out of the school, open up your horizons, fill your life with wonderful surprises


In the Genting World Lion Dance Championship this year, the Pei De Secondary School Lion Dance Club California, USA was awarded the title of “Western Lion King”. This school was also the school my three children attended, and it was an immense honour.

The Genting World Lion Dance Championship would award both titles “Eastern Lion King” and “Western Lion King” and also the final champion where the east and west meet to battle for the “Genting World Lion King”. Though both the eastern and western teams compete according to the country they represent but the western team are also filled with Chinese ethnic participants. This time the Pei De Secondary School Lion Dance Club California, USA comprised of two Americans, a Singaporean, a Taiwanese, a Chinese and three Malaysians, and for the first time in this competition the Americans are criticising the qualifications of the “Western Lion King” award.


This lion dance team saw the stage with the appearance of Caucasian children and he is only 16 years old. The results that they obtained in the competition excelled other western professional lion dance teams (USA, Australia, France etc.). Their performance filled with youthful energy while maintaining innocence displayed the spirit of “the young are fearless” which made me felt very touched.

Establishing YelaoShr 10 over years, I ultimately believe that each child has limitless potential. There are no unteachable children. As long as the right learning methods are discovered, a child can be stimulated to success. These children gave in their all while other children are having fun in their summer holidays. They practised hard for those tricky, difficult and high-risk lion dance actions. Pile jumping has its risks; at the beginning of the championship, three groups were unable to participate as some of their team members got injured while practice and six groups of athletes were injured while pile jumping in the competition. One of the Taiwanese athletes was even hurt badly! Nevertheless, overcoming their psychological barriers fearlessly and boldly challenging themselves with perseverance, they are finally able to taste the sweetness of success.

This rare opportunity and experience will be something they enjoy for the rest of their lives. Experiences as such are not obtained from textbooks. To step out of the school and participate in co-curricular activities can open up children’s horizons, and leave a lasting surprise in their lives.

Congratulations to the Pei De Secondary School Lion Dance Club California, USA! You have inspired millions of young souls; displaying your most passionate and most inspirational spirit! Well done!

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