About Us

About YelaoShr® | Yè (Yap) lǎoshī (Teacher)

Established to cultivate young minds through one-on-one lessons, YelaoShr® helps children tackle the obstacles of reading, speaking, and writing in Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Our centres offer a myriad of learning programmes and are backed by a team of experienced educators who are committed to building a solid foundation for kids by motivating and tapping into their cognitive potential in processing information, conceptualizing ideas, perceptual skill, and language learning.

YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre is established by a team of all-female, professionally trained, experienced teachers who are devoted to education. It is a language enrichment and educare centre most trusted by parents.

We use innovative and creative methods to help children build a strong foundation in languages and abacus mental arithmetic with the aim of developing the full potential of their brains so that they can fully capitalize on the golden period of learning.

At YelaoShr®, we provide one-to-one guidance based on a child’s learning pace so that learning becomes fun and stress-free. With attentive guidance from teachers, children can progress according to their individual abilities. This in turn helps build their sense of achievement and self-confidence. Through learning words, reading and mental arithmetic, they develop good comprehension skills, imagination and logical thinking. Ultimately, all these contribute to nurturing a good learning attitude with inner drive that propels them to greater heights.

67 learning centres nationwide
• More than 10 years of experience
• More than 280 rigorously trained teachers
• One-to-one coaching and classroom
• More than 50,000 children have benefited from our programme