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Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support for YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre.

Because every child is unique, we focus on face-to-face counseling. Therefore a simple test for your child will determine how we can advice you on their learning improvement. As for the class time, course fee, etc., we will give you a detailed explanation (also we provide financial aid) during the parenting consultation session. However, the learning results and its value is the only consideration for your child to build self-learning ability.

Therefore, we would like to seek your cooperation in completing the form below so that we can contact you to arrange for an appointment at our branch near you. We will provide you with a detailed consultation on how our programmes can help improve your child’s learning.

Please bring your child along for the appointment to enjoy a FREE Preliminary Learning Assessment.

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YelaoShr ® Creative Learning Centre
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Policy of Appointment: To ensure the safety of children and an environment conducive to learning, our centre is not open for walk-in visitation except by appointment only. In addition, to safeguard our intellectual property, we also maintain strict confidentiality of our learning materials and teaching methods.