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One to One Makes All The Difference When Teaching Children To Read!


Words form the foundation of knowledge. The point of developing words recognition is to fast track reading. Reading at an early age helps your child develop a set of knowledge-acquiring eyes, a rich vocabulary and heightened skills of expression, nurture a passion for learning and confidence, essentially laying the very foundation of a bright future.IMG_00961_副本_副本

  • Many children had memory problems and guess at words without looking at them properly, makes them struggle to read.
  • A failure to start reading leads to long-term failure in school, behavior problems and lack of confidence.
  • We are here to help children learn to read-with great success.
  • We are teachers who are specially trained to help failing readers in Mandarin & B.M

We are Teachers specialized in teaching children who have:

  • Difficulty identifying words (Mandarin & B.M)
  • Problems reading B.M. text
  • Major problems with Ejaan (spelling)

One-on-One Teaching

One-on-one teaching is an exceptionally effective approach to instruction and most students, educators, and parents would agree that the ideal academic environment consists of one-on-one teaching, customized to the needs of the student. This type of individual attention allows for a high level of quality interaction between the teacher and the student.

The student benefits immensely from the personal attention inherent in a one-on-one teaching ratio. Because of the intimate environment, the teacher can accurately monitor how well the child is mastering the lessons, and can adapt the pace and targeting of skills accordingly. Children and teens have less fear of making mistakes when taken out of a group situation, and flourish in a safe learning environment.


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