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YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Creative Learning Centre

1:1 Tutoring, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia Words Recognition & Reading Program (Beijing HanBan Authorised Mandarin Test Centre), Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Brain Development Program 

One to One Makes All The Difference When Teaching Children To Read!

[Declaration] We are not kindergarten, daycare or tuition centre. We are one of the parent’s most preferable language and enrichment centre, teaching young children words recognition, reading and understanding, while helping them to develop their brain’s potential in a very creative way.  Here, we follow the child’s own learning pace.  This result proven program can help your kid to learn and experience in a fun and easy way.

Mummy, why YelaoShr® Teacher Yap?

YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Reading Programme:

★ Ages 3-8, 500-3000 words recognition, Mandarin and B’Malaysia Pre-school Children Reading Programme ★

✔ According to expert, children ages 3-6, they are like an empty sponges, ready to absorb on their lesson and it is a best time for children to recognise words. At this stage, they are able to learn about 2500 Mandarin words with the systematic words recognition programme.

✔ To be ready to read, children need to know a lot of words. This is the foundation to build up the reading skill for the children in the early stage. Consequently, they able to gain knowledge through a lot of reading, enhance their languages skills and help the children to gain self-confidence. These are the basic foundation for their success in the future.

Therefore, we must appreciate this early stage learning opportunity and plan it wisely. By mastering the necessary basic foundation, the child reading skills is improve and they able to complete their school work independently when they progressing to primary school.

★ Ages 9-12, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia Primary School Enrichment Programme ★

✔ Nowadays, many students have difficulty in learning the Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia subjects in primary school. Why this phenomena occur in this stage?

✔ Based on the analysis, we found that students are slow in their learning pace and in-sufficient of basic languages foundation to support them to move along with primary school programme.

YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Enrichment Programme is designed for students to learn according to their level and by own pace. We apply creative teaching method to help students to improve their basic foundation of Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

YelaoShr® Teacher Yap has 36 branches in Malaysia, we have more than 10 years’ creative teaching experience. We have a team specialize in designing teaching material as well. We have more than 180 well trained teachers and more than 5000 students benefited by our enrichment programme.

Our objective is to provide a fun learning environment and help the children to master the reading and languages skills systematically. You must take this opportunity for your kids to experience our 1 to 1 creative teaching technique and fun learning environment in YelaoShr®. Result proven.

YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Creative Learning Centre

Established to cultivate young minds through one-on-one lessons, YelaoShr® Teacher Yap Creative Learning Centre helps children tackle the reading, speaking, and writing aspects of Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. The centre’s string of experienced educators is armed with a myriad of teaching programmes and is committed to building a solid foundation and learning curve for kids by motivating and tapping in on their cognitive development of information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, and language learning.


Words form the foundation of knowledge. The point of developing words recognition is to fast track reading. Reading at an early age helps your child develop a set of knowledge-acquiring eyes, a rich vocabulary and heightened skills of expression, nurture a passion for learning and confidence, essentially laying the very foundation of a bright future.IMG_00961_副本_副本

  • Many children had memory problems and guess at words without looking at them properly, makes them struggle to read.
  • A failure to start reading leads to long-term failure in school, behavior problems and lack of confidence.
  • We are here to help children learn to read-with great success.
  • We are teachers who are specially trained to help failing readers in Mandarin & B.M

We are Teachers specialized in teaching children who have:

  • Difficulty identifying words (Mandarin & B.M)
  • Problems reading B.M. text
  • Major problems with Ejaan (spelling)


Why should literacy take place early?

IMG_01671_副本_副本Experts point out; the golden age of learning is between the ages of 3 to 6. It is also the period in a person’s life were the learning of word recognition is accelerated as memory and retention is at its height. The child’s brain at this point is akin to a blank sheet of paper. If a child between 3 to 6 years old is trained to identify words, then the entire Primary School vocabulary of about 2500 words can be covered within this relatively shorter span of time.

The child reaps the benefits of early literacy as the advantage of word recognition is easily converted into a reading advantage. And reading itself is the key to opening the door to knowledge, thereby further developing the child’s intelligence and interest.

Conversely, if a child follows the national system to learn Chinese characters, they will only begin to do so in Primary School. This will definitely hamper the child’s ability to read and understand with a direct impact on the child’s development.

British Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Richard Lynn conducted a study on children’s IQ development across Britain, America, France, West Germany and Japan. The study revealed that American and European children have an average IQ of 100 whereas their Japanese counterparts have an average IQ of 111. He discovered that learning Kanji characters have given these Japanese children the IQ edge. Early childhood education centers in Tokyo conducting word recognition classes have always been a around.  According to a 1967 study, 5 year olds who begin to learn parts of Kanji characters can develop an IQ level as high as 95, if learning the same begins at 4 years old IQ levels reach a high of 120 and IQ levels soar up to 130 if learning the same takes place when the child is 3 years old.

Problems faced by students in Chinese Vernacular Primary SchoolsIMG_0092_副本_副本

  • Students are expected to master 8 subjects in Primary One: Mandarin, B.M, English, Mathematics, Science, Moral,Geography,Life Skills.
  • Due to a weak literacy foundation students struggle to read text books, and they find it hard to understand the contents. They end up clueless about homework and generally wind up with bad grades.
  • A low rate of Chinese character recognition results in the child being unable to read most characters. Studying becomes more and more difficult as a result.
  • With a limited B.M and English literacy rate and store of expressions, the child will not be able to read nor understand many words in these languages.IMG_03411
  • Not being able to keep up with the pace, the child end ups lazy and defiant, becoming a constant worry for parents.
  • Finally, the child would have been put-off learning by the time he reaches Secondary School, inevitably dropping out, explaining the increase in Chinese student-drop-out rate, a sad state of affairs for the Chinese community indeed.
  • Would you like your child to enjoy lessons in school?
  • Would you like your child to fully comprehend their teachers’ lessons? Would you like your child to take initiative and independently complete his homework and revision?
  • Would you like your child to have an excellent character and grades, be stress-free during exams and become a top scorer?

 Our Objectives

Employing reformed educational techniques, we aim to make it fun for children to focus and learn word recognition in a big way, so that they can start reading from an early age and kick-start their reading interest.

By the time they enter Primary 1, they would already have a high literacy rate. Hence, Entering Primary School will no longer be stressful. Instead, it will be fun and easy to keep up with the pace. Make the most of these precious 2 to 3 years. Send your child to Teacher Yap’s Creative Learning Center to build a strong Mandarin and B.M foundation for your child so that literacy and habitual reading becomes a reality.

IMG_0172_副本_副本Systems employed guarantee results

We are a professional reading center specialized in coaching students who have very poor word recognition skills, don’t know how to read B.M and are especially weak in Ejaan. Many children suffer from a weak literacy foundation which results in them struggling with the pace in Primary School. Negative behaviors such as laziness and disinterest in learning spin off from this point. Teacher Yap’s 1 to 1 personalized coaching reading program has transformed the lives of more than 1,000 children. Preschoolers  who have completed the course have mastered up to 1,500 Chinese characters, read text books up to Primary Three level and mastered B.M. in the sense that pronunciation is effortless, reading can be done on sight, writing can be done on hearing the spoken word, and Ejaan is no longer a problem. Our methods are creative and unique, so rest assured, your child will learn effortlessly. Our programs are specially suited for children between 3 to 12 years old.

Our unique “Mandarin Learning” approach

Learning process 

Lessons are uniquely flash-card based. Our teachers will coach your child in word-recognition techniques, which will enhance memory and association powers. Watch as your child learns and blossoms through our specialized and creative teaching methods.

Systematic teaching materials 

High-frequency words feature prominently in all our teaching materials. Our story books employ repetitive vocabulary, attractive, colored illustrations and short, simple dialogues; all of which are intended to capture your child’s interest and reinforce learning. Lesson units are written with a connected beginning and ending, thereby strengthening your child’s ability to think and organize.  Your child will enjoy reading so much more as they will discover meaning in the stories that are tailored to their reading level. Our teachers will guide your child through each lesson unit or story book, with the aim of creating independent readers.

Our unique “Malay Language” approach 

Our unique teaching methodologies allow your child to effectively master B.M. pronunciation. Our Reading Discovery Teachers will guide your child in mastering B.M. phonetics pronunciation before proceeding to Ejaan (spelling) practices. After completing this stage, your child will be able to read B.M. words on sight, write on hearing the spoken word and will never have to route learn to prepare for Ejaan.

1 to 1 Coaching

1 to 1 coaching helps your child maintain positive attention during learning sessions. Attention is essential for the brain to carry out perception, memory and thought; all of which are fundamental requirements in word-recognition. Attention opens up the door to our souls. In fact, it is the only entrance. The wider the door is open, the more we learn. Conversely, as soon as attention scatters, the door to our souls shuts, making it impossible for knowledge or information to penetrate. It is precisely for this reason that French biologist Georges Cuvier states, “Genius, above all, attention.”

Tailored learning-pace

Students will not be segmented according to age groups or school levels. Instead, our teachers will tailor their teaching pace according to your child’s level, ensuring learning is always effortless. As soon as your child’s pace picks up, our teachers will speed up their teaching as well.

Result and Effect


“3 to 4 year olds can master 100 Chinese characters in 2 months”  At this stage, we will be using giant red fonts to attract your child’s attention and to make the Chinese characters visible at a glance, reinforcing impression of the Chinese characters. The Chinese characters and phrases introduced will be familiar to your child so that learning is natural, joyful and strees-free. Teachers will focus on flash-card based learning. Teachers will guide your child in techniques to recall each Chinese character, gradually building up your child’s memory.

200“The crucial turning point” At this stage, your child may not have adapted to learning at the center yet. Provide lots of encouragement and rewards instead of overzealously track what they have learnt. As your child just started learning, it’s best not to stop classes abruptly or skip lessons regularly. The first 3 months are extremely important. So long as your child follows the programs, word recognition will definitely take place. The only disparity will be progress. Some children can master 100 Chinese characters in 2 months whilst some can even master up to 200 Chinese characters within the same duration. The point where your child is able to recall Chinese characters is the point where he will enjoy coming for classes. Your cooperation at this point is crucial. If you fail to see any progress in your child’s ability to read and identify Chinese Characters after the first month, make it a point to meet the teacher to find out underlying issues. You may need to readjust class regularity or the time table. Don’t give up.

500“Witness your child’s transformation!” At this stage, children will be able to read story books and short text independently. Here, teachers will guide your child to start reading and hone their reading skills and interest. Mastery of 500 words translates to literacy up to primary 1 level. Some 4 year olds have mastered all 500 words in just 8 months.

Suku Kata“Have no fear with Bahasa Malaysia!” We discovered that though most children can memorize Suku kata but that does not guarantee ability to read the language. Some children need to decode the pronunciation before they can read the word therefore mastery of the language is not possible. Our unique teaching system will help your child master Bahasa Malaysia effectively. At this stage, our teachers will guide your child in alphabetical pronunciation exercises before proceeding onto writing exercises. Your child will no longer have to tediously memorize to prepare for ejaan as our teachers will equip them with the skill to write on hearing the word.

EjaanParents’ tip: Reading should not be confined to textbooks or resources aimed at preparing for examinations. Instead, help you child expand his reading scope to include general knowledge, etc., beyond the school curriculum. Excellent academic results are not the exclusive standard which determines your child’s excellence in the life-long journey of education. 3000Realistically, the greatest achievement is when your child truly believes he is extraordinary. This can only be achieved with you, the parents’, and unconditional support.

The vision of the company:
i. To become the leading brand and a role model in the world of education.
ii. To assist people in achieving their goals and to make a contribution in the business world of education.
iii. To motivate children to become learners who are passionate about knowledge.

Our mission:
I. To perfect the educational system, operating standard and policy while expanding the business in education.
ii. To work hard towards building a team of well qualified teachers and the training of business partners.
iii. To customize the learning plan for every children by using creative and simple methods

We embrace the values of:
1. Responsibility
2. Supportability
3. Courageousness
4. Forgiveness
5. Determination
6. Capability

Our motto: Together, we change young lives


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