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YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre

1:1 Teaching Word Recognition, Reading and Understanding of Chinese Language (Beijing HanBan-authorized Chinese Test Centre) and Malay Language, Abacus & Mental Arithmetic, Brain Development Programmes 

One-to-one tutoring makes a world of difference when it comes to word recognition and reading!

We are presently among the parents’ most preferred language, enrichment and educare centres, teaching young children word recognition, reading and understanding, while helping to develop the full potential of their brains. We use innovative and creative methods to help your child build a strong foundation in languages. At YelaoShr®, we cater for the child’s own learning pace and level. Our time-tested programmes have proven to make learning easy and fun. Most of all, our educational programmes are effective! Children enjoy their lessons and parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are in good hands.

Why YelaoShr® ?

YelaoShr® Reading Programme:

★ For children aged 3-8 years: Recognition of 500-3000 words and Chinese language and Malay Language Reading Programmes ★

✔ According to experts, the brains of children aged 3-6 years are akin to blank discs, ever ready to take in new information. To them, memorizing is not a burden but a biological necessity. It is the best of times for children to learn to recognize words as their brain’s retention power is at its strongest. This power and potential must be harnessed to ensure that the full potential is realized.

✔ Words form the building blocks of knowledge. Being able to recognize words and read at a young age opens the door to a world of knowledge. Through reading, children can enrich their vocabulary, improve their linguistic expression, enhance their interest in learning, and build up their self-confidence. These serve to lay a solid foundation for future development and success in their lives.

Therefore, as parents, you must recognize the importance of learning at a young age, and plan wisely for your children. Through our systematic word recognition programme, a child aged 3-6 years can be empowered to pick up 2500 Chinese words, which, as required by the primary school syllabus, can be achieved even before the child enters Primary One! By mastering the basic reading skills later on, your children will be able to cope with school work effortlessly, independently and become more self-reliant as they breeze through primary school years.

★ For children aged 9-12 years: Primary School Chinese Language and Malay Language Enrichment Programmes ★

✔ The Malay Language that is being taught in Chinese primary schools nowadays is very different from the subject taught to our generation that began with words such as ‘itik’, ‘ayam’ and ‘arnab’. Due to changes in education policy, Malay Language has once again become the medium of instruction for the teaching of Arithmetic and Science. When children do not do well in Science, the sheer reason could be their poor command of Malay Language. Likewise, when a child fails to learn the multiplication table, language barrier could be the root of the problem!

✔ When children do not do well in examinations, is tuition the only way out? Did you know that many children are not ‘stupid’? In fact, they are just ‘slow’. When a slow learner is sent for tuition in tuition centres that normally teach at a fast pace, do you think the child would benefit at all? Shouldn’t we focus on transforming a slow learner into a fast learner, rather than pushing a less intelligent child to become one who is beyond any hope? You may ask: how should we go about remedying this situation?

At YelaoShr®, we employ our very own innovative and creative teaching methods to help lay a strong linguistic foundation for your children. Regardless of whether your children need to catch up with the primary school syllabus, or keep up with the secondary school curriculum, we can certainly be of help to them!

YelaoShr® Enrichment Programmes are designed for students to learn according to their levels and at their own pace. We have a good track record in education, with more than 10 years’ experience in innovative and creative teaching, 46 branches throughout Malaysia, more than 200 well-trained and qualified teachers and also a team specializing in designing teaching aids. Our learning centres are well-equipped with plenty of individual rooms for one-to-one coaching. To date, more than 5000 students have reaped the benefits of our enrichment programmes!

It is our vision and objective to provide a conducive and fun learning environment for your children to master reading and linguistic skills systematically. You must not miss this opportunity for your kids to experience our one-to-one creative teaching in a fun learning environment at YelaoShr®! Our proven results are what make us the leader in the industry!

YelaoShr® Creative Learning Centre



Many children had memory problems and guess at words without looking at them properly, makes them struggle to read.

A failure to start reading leads to long-term failure in school, behavior problems and lack of confidence.

Our teachers specialize in helping children who are:
• unable to recognize Chinese and Malay words
• unable to pronounce words
• poor in Ejaan or spelling
• unable to understand meanings and are poor in comprehension

Does your child need help?
• Our teachers are specially trained to help children with word recognition and reading.
• We help children to recognize and spell words in Malay Language
• Many children are unable to cope in school due to language barriers. This can cause them to become lazy and lose interest in schooling.
• Even though most children undertake kindergartens education, it does not equip them with a reasonable command of words, especially words in Malay Language.
• We employ YelaoShr® Teacher Yap’s innovative learning programmes to help children overcome problems in reading, speaking, and writing of Chinese language and Malay Language.
• When coaching your child on a one-to-one basis, we adapt and cater to the learning pace of your child. We will ensure that your child has fully mastered what has been taught before proceeding to the next level.
• We use a series of flashcards, story books and worksheets to enhance your child’s learning ability.
• Our programmes are particularly suitable for children aged 3-7 years, it is imperative to build a strong foundation of vocabulary before the children enter primary schools.
• Our programmes are also suitable for children aged 7-12 years who encounter difficulties in primary schools especially in the learning of Chinese language and Malay Language.
• Any children aged between 3 and12 years who require or prefer coaching that is tailored to their needs, level or pace would certainly find our personalized one-to-one tutoring programmes utterly helpful.

Our Vision:

i. To become the leading brand and a role model in the world of education.
ii. To assist people in realising their dreams and establishing careers in education.
iii. To motivate children to become inquisitive learners with a strong passion for knowledge.

Our Mission:

i. To establish a holistic educational system and management policy in the development of careers in education.
ii. To build a team of well-qualified teachers and to actively train our business partners.
iii. To customize our learning programmes to meet every individual child’s learning ability by using creative and innovative methods.

Our Deeply-Cherished Values

1. Responsibility
2. Supportability
3. Courageousness
4. Forgiveness
5. Determination
6. Capability

Our motto:

Together, we change young lives


(Teacher Yap)


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